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"Wow she is amazing! I cannot wait to read with her again. - Anna "

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"wow! i spoke with her under 5 mins bc bad connection BUT what she told me abt July is happening!! Gifted for sure and cant wait for the rest! thank you Gg - gg "

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"Nadia is detailed and doesn’t waste your time. She answers your questions before you can ask the question. The reading was 100% accurate. I am looking forward to predictions manifesting. Call her! - Bernadette "


Psychics Q & A

A psychic reading allows you the opportunity to connect with someone who has a heightened connection with the spirit world. Through a variety of means - including tarot cards, angel cards, astrology - psychic readers can provide insights into your life that you would not normally get. A psychic reading, more than anything else, is about giving you a fresh perspective on where you are now and where you are capable of going in the future. Use a psychic reading to ask questions and find answers that are not accessible elsewhere - about your love life, your financial circumstances, your career prospects - anything that preoccupies you.
By talking to a psychic reader, you allow yourself the space to move away from the everyday thoughts that can often confine your actions and motivations. By answering your questions, a psychic reader allows you see your life from a position that is outside yourself. That can be extremely empowering. For example, you can explore if your partner is the right person for you, if your business idea will take flight or if your financial circumstances are liable to improve. A psychic reader can help you avoid the pitfalls of life and seize the opportunities that you might otherwise overlook. In short, psychic readers may be able to provide the direction that your life is sorely lacking at a particular time.
Not at all! Throughout history, great people - like Albert Einstein, for instance - have always turned to psychics to provide guidance that they could not find elsewhere. You can read about some of the most celebrated individuals who have availed of psychics in this blog post. The problems of the famous are no different from the problems that the rest of us face, every day of our life!
Absolutely! Lasting love can only be achieved through fully understanding your emotions and what shapes them. Talking to a psychic reader helps you make a deeper connection with your inner self and lets you define your emotional needs in a relationship. It is easier to find what you want when you know what you are looking for! A psychic reading also lets you air your doubts or misgivings about a current relationship and can provide invaluable guidance on the potential success of that relationship. This avoids you spending precious weeks, months - or even years - in an unhappy union that ultimately will only lead to deep unhappiness for you.
Success is relative: your idea of success may be different to another person's idea of success. A psychic can help you explore who you really are and what you are truly seeking in life. Achieving your dreams and ambitions makes for a successful life. A psychic reader will help you define your goals and to take realistic steps to achieve them. Today many successful people use psychics to help them make key decisions, as evidenced by this article on Forbes magazine's website. If it works for them, so why shouldn't it work for you?
7th Sense Psychics has been around for over 15 years, providing psychic phone services. In that time we have built a strong reputation and developed a loyal following. Key to our success has been the way we hire our readers and how we treat our customers. All our psychics have undergone a rigorous screening program to test their abilities. Every reading comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Unlike other psychic service providers, 7th Sense is not merely a shop window for psychics, letting anyone ply their wares on our website. Instead, we employ our psychics, under contracts, and make serious demands of them. If a 7th Sense Reader does not live up to the expectations of customers, we will take appropriate action.
7th Sense offers the best value psychic phone service, with no misleading or confusing offers to entice you in! We offer 50% discount on your first reading. After that, we have a fixed rate that remains the same, no matter which psychic reader you connect with. You can find complete details of our pricing here.
7th Sense Psychics offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are unhappy with a reading, we want to know about it ASAP! We have a dedicated Customer Service team that you can contact anytime. If you can't reach us by phone, send an email - we promise to respond with 24 hours.