What is the history behind Angel Cards?

Angels are celestial beings with a very special purpose. Every one of us has one or more Guardian Angels that surround us with love and positive energy. An Angel Card reading can help you get a better understanding of the light and positive energy around you.

A guardian angel can never interfere in your life, unless you give them permission to do so. In recent years Angel Cards have been used to deliver messages from our celestial guides in a way we mortals can understand and intertwine in our daily lives.

What do Angel Card readers use?

7th Sense readers use a variety of cards, some unique to the individual reader. The most common cards being used are of Doreen Virtue. Each Angel card has its own single message. A reader combine the cards obvious message with some divine intuition delivered by the Angels themselves and on behalf of the person requiring the reading. This is done to point them in the right direction.

Is an Angel Card reading the right choice for me?

An Angel Card reading is great if you want support and guidance from your guardian angel. Maybe you have worries about love or money, which to us mortals are enormous and can consume everything around us. To the angels these worries are as unimportant as a grain of sand in a desert. Important, but it’s not the whole desert. Let your reader be the channel to deliver the answer you send to the Angels, and see which Angel reacts to your call and what message they carry.