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10 reasons to be glad it’s Friday the 13th

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10 reasons to be glad it’s Friday the 13th

1. The weekend

 It’s the end of the working week, so stop thinking of all the bad things that can happen on Friday; instead, think of all the good things that can happen on Saturday or Sunday (let’s leave aside Monday, for the moment).


2. You've already survived two Friday the 13s this year

No major catastrophes have happened on Friday the 13th in recent times and are highly unlikely to happen on this occasion. Look in your own diary, social media accounts or email to find out what occurred on February the 13th and March 13th of this year. Both Fridays. Well?

3. No Friday The 13th movie release

Often released to coincide with the eponymous days, the last entry in the Friday The 13th movie series was the 2009 reboot, 30 years after the original. By that time self-parody had long set in, so it was really time to say goodbye to Jason Voorhees. That said, expect a sequel in 2017. 

4. Order out

Unlike your medieval ancestors who came up with the notion of Friday the 13th being a bad thing, you can stay at home these days and order anything on the internet –  no need to take any risks by going outside. That said, more accidents happen at home than anywhere else – so take care in your preferred place of safety. 

5. No more Friday the 13ths for 6 months

If you get through this Friday the 13th safe and sound, relax, take a breather: the next Friday the 13th doesn’t happen for another 6 months. Consider yourself  virtually indestructible until then. Even if you’re not. 


6. Good things happen

You may be surprised to learn that good things actually happen on Friday the 13th, as outlined in this article in Time. Frankly I’m not entirely convinced that patenting the accordion is a high point in human evolution, but we’ll take what we can in the circumstances.

7. Xmas is coming

This Friday marks the time when Xmas is just six weeks away. A good time to pen your wishes to Santa and to start budgeting.

8. Save money

This piece from the UK’s Telegraph outlines how Friday the 13th, because of its negative connotations, reduces costs in particular areas. So, for example, the cheapest day to fly last year, was Friday June 13th. If you’re not prone to superstition, you could probably bag a cheap flight May 13th next year - just as we start into Summer. 


9. Payday is closer

Most of us are paid at the end of the month, so console yourself on being almost half way to your next paycheck, even if your last paycheck disappeared within hours of you receiving it.

10. New music  

New albums will be released by Justin Bieber and One Direction (well, okay. we’re really scraping the barrel now).


But if you’re still worried…

You could always talk to a 7th Sense psychic and get the inside track on how the 13th is going to turn out for you: what you should avoid (including new albums from teenyboppers). 

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