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7 great posts on Psychics that you MUST read

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7 great posts on Psychics that you MUST read

Whether you are a believer or non-believer in Psychic abilities, there is no shortage of material on the internet relating to the subject. Having read hundreds of articles – and also inspired by a recent piece in Fortune magazine – we’ve put together the ones that have stood out for 7th Sense Psychics. We hope you find them as interesting as we do.

Reaction to Albert Einstein's endorsement of a Psychic (from New Republic)

Are you aware that the great scientist once visited a Psychic and he afterwards declared that she told him things about himself that she "could not possibly have known"? Following this endorsement, this is the correspondence that ensued between novelist Upton Sinclair, who defended Einstein's assertion, and a letter writer to the New Republic magazine who criticized the great man for giving credence to psychic phenomena. Click to read....

How Psychics help executives earn fortunes (from Fortune magazine)

From the magazine adored by the rich comes an article that may surprise many who thought accountants and marketers were the only ones making people fortunes. It turns out that many top executives are turning to psychic readers to get the edge over their competitors.  The results rarely disappoint. Little wonder then that one Psychic is pulling in $10,000 a month providing advice to business clients from a range of industries. Click to read....

The fortune teller of Kabul (from the Guardian)

Long but fascinating account of a Psychic trying to carry out his trade as fundamentalists attempt to crack down on his activities. He talks about the spirits he calls upon (djinn), the people he helps (mostly those seeking to leave the country) and those opponents who say he is a charlatan. Make sure you watch his TV commercial - not one that you'll see during the Superbowl ad breaks, for sure. Click to read....

Are Psychics always right? (from LinkedIn)

It might surprise you to learn that Psychics are on LinkedIn. One of them, Alex Palermo, has taken the trouble to answer the deceptively simple question above. Palermo has featured in several publications and was also named (according to his LinkedIn profile) "The best psychic in Boston". So he certainly has the experience to provide an answer, but do you agree with what he says? Click to read....

A grief therapist's experience of Psychics (from the New York Times)

This a touching and tender piece written by a therapist specializing in grief. It tells of the author's promise to a dying friend to visit a Psychic to contact her in the afterlife, after the friend has passed. In the end, the therapist remains unconvinced by mediums, but is still able to see a value in a consultation with a Psychic. Click to read....

Skeptic meets Psychic (from Pacific Standard)

The perfect companion piece to the previous recommended article. This breezy feature  gives a good grounding in the study and interest in parapsychology today. The author has a reading from several Psychics who appear to provide enlightenment through common sense rather than other-worldy magic. However, their advice is no less valuable because of that. A thoroughly engaging article. Click to read....

Are You Psychic? Try this test...

Let's be honest, this is from BuzzFeed, so we don' expect profound insights from its website. BuzzFeed is all bout fun posts and this one certainly ticks all the boxes. Go on - try it out. It could be the first step on a career with 7th Sense Psychics!   Click to read....

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