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7 reasons why a psychic phone line works

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7 reasons why a psychic phone line works

7th Sense is a dedicated psychic phone line service. But why do people prefer to get psychic readings on the phone rather than have a face-to-face chat? What are the benefits? We thought we'd find out, so we recently conducted a survey (by phone, of course!) and asked users why they preferred to use a psychic phone service.

Below are their main reasons for choosing 7th Sense.

Top reasons for psychic phone readings:

1. Privacy

Many people feel uncomfortable talking to a psychic reader, face-to-face. They are asked for personal information in a one-to-one session with a stranger. Many people find this difficult to do. In a phone session, callers have their anonymity guaranteed. This allows them to be more open with a psyshic, which makes for a better outcome for all.

2. Objectivity

Face-to-face psychic sessions have the disadvantage of allowing Psychics and Tarot Card Readers notice your body language and draw conclusions based on your reactions, facial expressions, etc. Phone psychic readings are purer because readers only have your voice and energy to go on. There are no visual distractions.

3. Time and space

You can have a 7th Sense Psychics reading anytime and anywhere - though most callers choose to do it from the comfort of their own homes. This lets them feel calm and relaxed - there's no need to enter a strange, unfamiliar environment. (You could even sip a glass of wine as you speak to a Psychic!)

4. Choice and value

7th Sense phone readings allow you get in touch with readers from all over the English-speaking world. This broadens and deepens the psychic experience that is available. It saves money and time because you get guidance from the best phone psychics at exactly the moment you most need it - for as long as you need it. 

5. We only use the best phone psychics

7th Sense vigorously screens and checks all the Psychics on our phone lines. We verify that each is truly gifted and experienced. We provide detailed reader profiles and customer reviews of all our Psychics, so you can choose wisely. Profiles contain important information on a Psychic's background and specific areas of expertise and experience. You can even listen to their voices!

6. Satisfaction guaranteed

A phone is a weapon of empowerment when it comes to a psychic reading with 7th Sense. What does that mean? You can stop your chat anytime if you feel you have received sufficient help or if the reading is not satisfactory, for any reason. We have a comprehensive customer service team and we are committed to 100% satisfaction. 

7. Free recordings

At we offer you, free unlimited playbacks of your psychic tarot readings, at any time. You can access these private and secure online recordings  via your web account. This allows callers to re-visit a psychic reading and check out how accurate they turned out to be - months later!

If you haven't done so before, and you're ready to talk to a psychic on the phone, just call the number below and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. You can connect with the best phone psychics, in minutes. You won't be disappointed! (And please tweet this article to your friends if you found it interesting!)