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7 ways to beat the January blues

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7 ways to beat the January blues

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, January is the coldest month of the the year. This can have a paralyzing and negative effect. All the highs of Xmas and the new year have passed and the next payday seems so far away! Spirits can slump at this time. But there's plenty you can do to beat the January blues.

1. Go for a morning walk or a run

Not only do you get exercise, you also expose yourself to daylight, which helps your body produce Vitamin D, which in turn promotes the levels of serotonin, the body's own natural anti-depressant. 

2. Sit in front of a warm fire

Is there anything more cozy than the image of a flickering orange flame in winter? Not only can a real fire warm you up, it's also fascinating to watch. Gaze into the flames and I guarantee your mind will happily drift away into a place of deep and primal psychological comfort. The fire doesn't have to be in your home - it can be in a a bar, a restaurant, a coffee-shop. Just as long as it is where it should be. No pyromania, please. 

3. Learn something new

Go to your local library and pick up a book on a subject you always wanted to learn more about, preferably unrelated to work. Or just go on the internet, research a topic and download a free pdf on a subject that interests you. For instance, if you sign up for a free web account on 7th Sense Psychics, you can learn about the meaning of each Tarot card with our free tarot guide download

4. Go to the movies

Films are a fantastic way of getting away from it all, without spending too much money. January is a particularly good time of year for quality movies because its awards' season and the big Hollywood studios have released their Oscar contenders. My own personal favorite this year is Brooklyn. Alternatively, just go and see the new Star Wars film. It's a blast! 

5. Look forward to, and plan, for the future

If there is one thing that is sure to usher in the January blues - or the blues at any other time of the year - then it is that you have no plan. When you have no plan, you have no goals, and you have nothing to work towards. That can be truly despairing. If you're finding it hard to work out what's important or to find some direction, then talk to someone who can get you out of the maze - a 7th Sense psychic, for instance. Voicing your thoughts and getting good feedback and insights can be truly inspiring - and definitely put a pep in your step. 

6. Organize a January blues party

Recognize that you're not alone in feeling the chill in January. Your friends are probably in a similar place. Solution: cheer yourselves up by getting together and celebrating your friendship! You'll be loved for doing this. It needn't be a a major organisational headache - a couple of hours sitting down over coffee and cakes or wine and nibbles, in someone's home (preferably with a fire) will do just fine.

7. Splash out on yourself

Okay, this involves spending money. But think positive: get all the things you didn't get at Xmas - at a cheaper price, in the sales. Great for a quick boost, even if the search for a bargain can be far more fun than the actual final purchase. Set a goal of spending the least amount of money on something you really really want, rather than buying something for the sake of just buying it. 


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