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80s Music Videos To Remind You What Love Is

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80s Music Videos To Remind You What Love Is

Are you old enough to remember the eighties? Well, even if you aren't this collection of 80s music videos should still give you a feeling for what it's like to experience love and pain and the whole darn thing.!


1. A manly group with a song that has a very soft center:

2. The one from the film where it all works out for Richard Gere and Julia Roberts (unbelievable, but irresistibly romantic, nonetheless):

3. Ah, the heartbreak of betrayal. Oh, how the ladies swooned over gorgeous George, back in the day:

4. Meanwhile the boys were all swooning over Susana Hoffs and her bandmates:

5. An actor, a singer and a terrible loss to all when he passed away in 2009. A tough guy not afraid to appear fragile in this classic song from Dirty Dancing:

6. She had an punkish demeanor,  but this lady knew the meaning of love as this slow thumping classic reveals:

7. Let's finish on a high note - literally, with this massive blast from the past, expressed in an near-epic video:

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