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A Thankskgiving Message for 2015

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A Thankskgiving Message for 2015

At Thanksgiving, we should take time to reflect not on how unlucky we are or what we are lacking, but how blessed we are for all that we have. Here are a few things to be thankful about on this special day:

Our good health

Every morning when we wake up and open our eyes, most of us expect to see the sky through the window and feel the ground beneath our feet. Not everyone can. Most of us expect that we can go about our daily routines - work, shop, cook, etc. - forgetting that being able to do all these things is an absolute gift. We must give thanks daily for the health we enjoy while making our way around the wonderful world we live in.

The food on our tables

In recent times, it has become a matter of fact that we will go to our fridges or cupboards and find food there. But for many who went before us - and for a lot of people today, at home and abroad - this is only a dream. So if you are sitting with a meal today, be thankful for the bounty on your plate, and spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourself.

The roof over our heads

Most of us will sleep in a warm bed tonight, with a roof over our heads. We will be safe from harm and safe from the winter elements. But, again, in every city in the world there is someone who is not so lucky. These unfortunates sleep beneath the stars, fully exposed to the elements. If you are not one of these people, then you should be truly thankful.

Our loved ones:

Today as we sit at the dinner table, we join with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, make your loved ones the main thing you are thankful for. Those we love come into our lives to help us through the knocks and bumps that life throws our way. We may not always live in perfect harmony, but how bleak life would be without them! For these loving relationships, you should be forever thankful.

What we at 7th Sense Psychics are thankful for

If during the year we have made someone’s path a little smoother, or helped them  find their way out of a very difficult place for them, then we are truly thankful. 

If in some way we have helped fragile, vulnerable people see that all was not lost, and that  life is worth fighting for and worth living, for every step of the journey, then we are truly thankful. And if for the year ahead, our psychic tarot readers can continue to help open doors once thought closed, then we will be eternally thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

It only remains for all of us here at 7th Sense Psychics to wish each and every one of you a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving. 

May the coming year bring much more to be thankful for!

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