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Aquarius Tarotscope 2016

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Aquarius Tarotscope 2016

January to April, Two of wands for Aquarius, show that there may be a call to study in the early part of the year. This could be an ideal way to brush up on skills and develop your skills for future events. Education never goes wasted, regardless of if it is in a classroom or just life. We always come away with something that makes us stronger, and our path easier. With the two of wands it nearly always points to learning while we work, so it could be a change of direction within the career you are already in. New doorways may be opening, be prepared to walk through. Hesitation can cost you dearly at this time. Fear only comes from the unknown, and although it can be useful in some circumstances, sometimes it can hold us back from achieving what it is we set out to do in the first place. If we don’t grab the opportunity when it land on our lap, the outcome can be that we end up in exactly the same place next year. Have a little confidence in yourself and step forward into a life that you have been dreaming about for some time now. Hesitation will only ruin your chances of success. It’s much better to fail at something while trying it, than to spend your life wondering what if.

May to August, The Ace of Wands points to a summer of opportunity. There is nothing beyond your reach if you really want it. It’s a time to be bold and a little adventurous. There are many roads opened to you at the moment, and you get to choose which one you want. But remember, it’s not the end of the world if you make a wrong turn. You have all the time in the world to change things and suit your requirements. With the ace of wands it can be a wonderful burst of inspiration which hits you out of the blue. It’s the card of opportunity and imagination, and without imagination just think how plain the world would be. No matter how crazy other people think your idea is, it is your idea, and you don’t need to explain it to anyone. Imagine what would have happened if Walt Disney had listened to the voice of reason when he dreamt of animals that could talk? Some of the best ideas in this world were created because someone decided to break the mould and run with their ideas. Aquarius is recognised as the beginning of new things, a new dawning so why not take this on board and allow yourself to dream a little for this magic summer season.

September to December, The Hermit Card shows that work done behind the scenes can be very productive in the winter months. It’s a bit like setting seeds for the months to come. Winter is a good time for you to be productive in the study department, but you need to be determined, things won’t just happen without effort. The rewards will be well worth any effort made on your behalf. This appears to be one time that your own space is sacred, as it allows you to develop any ideas you have without interruption. The winter is a time when most animals retreat to preserve energy for the coming spring, and as we are of the animal kingdom retreating back at this time comes as natural. But be careful not to dwell in solitude too long, as we are also in need of human company, and we can’t survive without it. So finding an even balance is essential. The important thing is that we avoid stress and set plans in motion for the future months. You must ensure that the beginning of the year 2017 contains some kind of direction that you can aim yourself towards. This life is too short to be putting harnesses on your abilities and goals. Reach and plan for the stars when it comes to what your future can be. It’s your life.

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