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Ask an Angel - get an Answer

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Ask an Angel - get an Answer

Are you aware that 7th Sense recently launched a new tool for guidance that you can access via a smartphone or tablet? Our Ask an Angel  App allows you to text any question and get an answer within seconds. But why do we need such celestial guidance in the 21st century?

Talking to Angels

There are as many Angels as there are stars in the sky, and they can be called on to do their celestial work in this world at any time. The angelic being is like a celestial parent or friend - ever present, ever caring and loving unconditionally. That does not mean they don’t stand back and let us make a few mistakes: they allow us to make mistakes so that we may learn from them. 

Angel as parent 

A good parent will help its child to walk, by physically supporting that child. But sooner or later the infant has to be allowed fall and get back up, unaided. Only by doing this will it learn the balance needed to walk correctly. But if the child gets hurt in the fall, it will call and the parent will be there to offer comfort and provide it with the courage to walk again. Just like a parent, Angels will guide - but you have to walk the walk.

Do I have a special Angel?

Those of us who have had a Christian upbringing will have heard of Angels. These celestial messengers  sent from Heaven to guide us. They are tasked with caring for us through our short mortal journey. 

As children, most of us would also have been made aware of our Guardian Angel and learned to recite the prayer dedicated to that Angel. The Guardian Angel is a unique Angel who is appointed to you and you alone. And although he or she is by your side day and night, this heavenly being can only intervene when  called by you, and even then, it's just to guide you; not to do the work you need to do yourself.

How can Angels help up us in our everyday life?

As we move through life, we encounter problems that sometimes can seem overwhelming. 

We all need a branch to hold onto as the tide of life's problems threatens to carry us away. Stopping for a moment and talking to an Angel can help us to get some perspective on where we should be going, or the avenues available to us. This is why Angels still play an important role in our lives.

How to talk to an Angel

Today we have a  a whole new set of problems to the ones our parents and grandparents faced. We live in a non-stop world. We expect more from people and we expect it faster.

What do want to Ask an Angel?

When you contact an Angel,  you stop all the chaos and unload your burdens without judgement. Here is the friend that you can speak to freely without judgement.

Through our mobile App,  7th Sense allows you access this wonderful celestial companion using modern technology. Just text and await a reply. The first three questions are free. So what questions do you have?