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Bizarre Questions Psychics Are Asked

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Bizarre Questions Psychics Are Asked

In my time working with Tarot (which is not short) I have been asked some really strange stuff. 

A Tarot reading is about giving you a sense of direction and a little push you need to get over the line, when faced with a difficult task. 

While most people tend use Tarot correctly - and contact 7th Sense when they need someone to talk to - a small contingent  seem very confused about what a Tarot reader is supposed to do or be. 

In my experience, ere are some of the most bizarre questions psychics are asked:

1. "Did you not see that coming?"

This is possibly the most popular one. Of course I didn't see it coming! Being a psychic does not mean you walk around tuned in all day. Psychic ability is possessed by everyone to some degree. But some of us can connect with it at a higher level. However, this does not make us superhuman, or immune to life's surprises. 

2. "Is he thinking of me now?"

Well, how should I know!...Surprising as this may seem to some: a  psychic reader is not a mind reader. Even if someone possessed this ability, it would be very intrusive if that person went around all day tuning into people and reading their minds

3.  "Can you tell me what I'm thinking?"

It has happened time and time again: I am introduced to someone by a friend, who follows the introduction by explaining that I am a psychic. The immediate reaction is shock and recoil and "Oh don't be reading me!". I feel this falls into the mind-reading  area, covered in the previous question.To re-iterate: psychics can only read for people who give their permission to be read; when they agree to allow our energy to meet theirs, to open a line of communication

4. "Can you see dead people?"

Well we can thank the movie. The Sixth Sense for this one. It left people with the notion that all psychics see dead people walking around. We don't! Not least because there are more dead people than living, so we would not be able to see anything were they all to appear in solid form!

5. "What will I be doing tomorrow?"

Answer: that's totally up to you.  Again,some people think that having psychic ability is the same as having superpowers that allow them to move things, stop time, and switch on the little TV in their heads, and see moving full color images of tomorrow, with surround sound and a pause and rewind button! 

6. "What's my name?"

Yes I have been asked this on many an occasion, as if this was an initiation test. I have to admit to biting my lip when I hear it. It kind of undermines the seriousness of a reading. It's a really bad start to a psychic chat, as far as I'm concerned. Talk to a psychic with an open mind or, really, there's no point to having a reading.

7. "Is he coming back to me?"

I know what you're thinking (and not because I'm psychic!)'re thinking that's a normal question that a psychic should be easily able to handle - and you are right. But it's the reaction you get when you give an honest answer that makes it funny. If I answer the question with "no", then all hell breaks loose. "Yes, he is!" is inevitably the reply and "I'm not paying you to tell me that!" Unfortunately, genuine psychics are not magicians, able to conjure up an answer you would like to hear, and that is simply untrue.

How to avoid asking pointless questions...

Before you have a psychic reading - especially if it's your first time - jot down some questions that you would like to ask. Think about the possible answers that could come back at you from the psychic. What if you get an answer that you just don't like? Could you handle it. If not, then don't take the risk of asking that question!

Also, treat the psychic with respect. Go in with an open mind and avoid asking questions that suggest you don't have much faith in their abilities. If this is the case, then you shouldn't be talking to that psychic in the first place. So find someone else that you can talk to, without trying to test them!