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Capricorn Tarotscope 2016

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Capricorn Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Fool card appearing for Capricorn, for the first four months of the year indicates that January to April is a time to take a chance. Normally you would air on the side of caution, but not this time. Between January and April, opportunities will arise that will help you to take that one step forward into something that you have been planning for a while. This card can indicate the element of surprise which works in your favour. In some cases you may need to move on something with very little information to guide you, just raw instinct. Normally this is not something you would encourage others to do, but this is one of the reasons it’s called the fool card. This card shows that in some cases, it is better not to know in advance, and trust that you can wind your way around any situation that comes up. The element of surprise is nothing to be scared off. You may find yourself on new ground with unfamiliar surroundings, or given an unfamiliar task, to complete. This is where you will show your true colours. Let yourself shine like never before as at this moment, you are able for anything life can present. Bravery has its own reward, as others back away with caution, your ability to trust your instincts will win the day for you.

May to August, The Queen of Swords shows that the summer months between May to Augustmay appear to be a little fruitless or mundane despite your best efforts. This is not really the case, as you are actually making more headway than you think. You need to trust that somethings just take time to grow to what they have the ability to become. The problem is that you just can’t see the results yet. But tiny acorns take time to grow into the mighty oaks, so patience is called for. Be confident that things are moving in the right direction. The results of your efforts will soon be visible. Positive action never yields negative results, and there is no reason the summer months should do this for you. You may be called upon to assist someone who is struggling a little with life, and your direct no nonsense approach is exactly what is called for. Helping them to get over these hurdles will act as a kind of education for you further down the line. It will also build you allies for any tough times you may meet in the future. No good deed will go unheeded this year. The warm summer days give you room to grow your ideas and dreams, as the longer days give you more time to be productive.

September to December, The Ten of Wands shows the time is coming for results of your hard work to be shown. September to December can put you under pressure, and just when you thought that you were about to give up, your goal is sitting right in front of you. Put doubts to the back of your mind and move straight ahead for the things you feel will make your life a little bit easier. It’s not being selfish; it’s being realistic and sensible. Good things only happen when you make the effort, so pushing yourself a little appears to be what makes it happen. It may be the golden key to unlock the door to your destiny is about to turn. There is nothing like a surprise to make all the hard work worthwhile. Expect the unexpected, as good surprises hang around every corner. They are those little opportunities that you may have missed out on in the past. It’s very rarely you get a second chance to prove yourself, so make the most of this one. They may be in the guise of a small opportunity, but remember, mighty trees grow from small seeds, and patience is the nourishment they need to make them grow. If you hold onto your determined streak you can’t fail. Capricorn is not a quitter.

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