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Celebrity psychic reading: Beyoncé

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Celebrity psychic reading: Beyoncé

Today (4th of September) is the birthday of singer and actress Beyoncé Knowles. To mark the event, I've decided to do a psychic reading for this phenomenally-talented lady.  

A Virgo - not afraid to dream

It’s not surprising that, having been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in Dreamgirls, the title "dreamgirl" can be perfectly applied to the character that lies behind the woman. 

Beyoncé  is a dreamer. All the coaching in the world would not have made her what she is today if the spark was not already there to begin with. The beauty of people born under her sign - Virgo - is that they start the journey with one goal in sight, and then life presents them with other opportunities along the way. Ok, it does this for all signs, but Virgos are not the type to let opportunities slip by. This explains how Beyoncé  has been able to successfully move from singing to acting - and back - in her career.

My reading for Beyoncé 

So let's do a Tarot reading for Beyoncé for the year ahead. What do the cards drawn tell us about her ups and downs in the next 12 months,  and how she deals with them?

The Hierophant card

This is the educator, indicating someone capable of great learning. Beyoncé would never have gotten where she is today if she were afraid of new situations and new places and faces. This coming year will be no different. New opportunities are approaching  which will further enhance her career and name - if that is even possible to do! A chance meeting opens a new door. This I believe is a door she would do well to enter. She needs to move outside her normal circle to allow fate to have a hand in this.

The Strength card

This is another card from the major arcana in the Tarot. A strong person draws a strong card. However despite what people see on the stage or the TV, Beyoncé comes across as a very normal human being who has within her just as many fears as you and I. She will find herself challenged by these fears in the coming months, but I have no worries for her, as her strong Virgo personality can meet them head on. To be honest, even her nearest and dearest may not be aware of her hidden strengths. Her strength can be passed on to others and it’s what shines through her very soul. (Should you ever be in need of support from a friend, you won’t do much better that a Virgo!

The Knight of Swords card

Normally I would be inclined to view this card as a negative, but not in this case. The Path that Beyoncé has chosen comes with its own heavy price and sometimes the pressure of that can weigh heavily on her. As a true professional she won’t let it show, but she has a soul close to her with a female energy that protects her in her lowest moments. Through this energy there is nothing that can stand in her way and, with some gentle intervention from this soul, doors will continue to open for some time to come. There may be some very lonely moments on that stage, but somewhere inside I feel she is aware that she is never truly alone. Her gift was given to her to share with the world, and that is just what she does with all the elegance of a swan on a calm lake.

Looking forward

Beyoncé's strength and depth of character is something that only a few would be aware of. Her looks are normally the first thing that people notice and her talent is equally arresting. However, the inner person who is Beyoncé has other - hidden - gifts that will emerge in the years to come. 

She is guided from one situation to another, and protected not only by those on this side of life but also those on the other side. In the next twelve months change will be taking place slowly,  which will allow her to overcome her fears and shine even brighter than today. 

The artist who stands on the stage is one side of the person, the strong side, the ambitious side. But as I tune in, I find myself faced with a young girl who refuses to grow up and refuses to take on the adult role her alter ego is forced into. There are many sides to one person, and Beyoncé can manage all sides with equal balance. 

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