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Colin Fry - a psychic appreciation

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Colin Fry - a psychic appreciation

As most of you will know, the world of psychics was rocked last month by the passing of one of our most prominent members, Colin Fry. 

Colin had put himself out there on the stage and TV in order to bring people together with their loved ones who were departed, and this is no easy task when your every move is being monitored and judged. 

I had the honor of attending one of the courses run by his TV companion -  Tony Stockwell from the Psychic Detectives programme -  and this only strengthened my faith in the sincerity of Colin.

Colin's TV show

I first found Colin on his TV show "The Sixth Sense" while browsing the channels and, of course, being of a similar nature I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I was immediately  struck by his sincerity, his openness and his dedication and utter belief in what he did. I have to admit I became one of his biggest fans. I watched as his personality and warmth reached out across the audience to find a silent broken heart. By the end of his conversation that person would have tears of healing flowing as they were connected with, and comforted by, their loved one on the other side.

Colin's gift

Colin  was what we would call a platform medium. He could stand in a huge room and open up like an antenna to connect with any energy or with any person in those surroundings. Through a series of symbols, he appeared to receive by clairaudience and clairvoyance, he would deliver the message from the departed soul on the other side to their loved one present.

How Colin did what he did

To understand mediumship, you must first understand energy. This is the energy that people omit on a daily basis. It is the very energy which makes you warm to some people and not to others. 

Colin opened himself up to receiving connections from this very energy almost like a telephone operator in the centre of the room. The spirit of the deceased would reach out through him and connect with the person they were looking for in the room. It was a  bit like the spirit giving Colin your phone number and then Colin calling your cell phone.

Colin's Legacy

A medium can only work on the information received by spirit and if that spirit (being a human spirit) is not clear in its message, then the medium will not be clear in his reporting of it. This, of course, ushers in accusations of fraud, many of which were heaped upon Colin. However, he did not let this deter him, and like others in his field he persevered valiantly.

Colin brought much comfort where there was pain, and much light where there was darkness. He has now returned home on his spiritual journey (a tragically short journey) through this world. 

Goodbye Colin

To those of us in the psychic world, and to Colin, his passing is considered going home. Although the sadness and the loss is no less, we believe Colin is now on the other side with those he has been connecting with all through his life on this plane.

May you rest in peace Colin, and continue to watch over and guide those of us who follow in your wake.

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