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Daily, weekly or monthly horoscope?

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Daily, weekly or monthly horoscope?

At 7th Sense we provide two types of free horoscope: weekly and monthly. The reason we offer these - rather than daily horoscopes - is to give you a wider view over a larger space of time; well in advance of any event which might happen along the way.

Planning for the future

Your weekly horoscope reading is provided at the beginning of the week, giving you time to plan ahead and to be aware of situations which may arise during the following seven days. A daily horoscope doesn’t offer you this comfort. Very often with a daily horoscope, the event is either over before you get a chance to read your horoscope, or you are right in the middle of the events foreseen, which is less than satisfactory.

What is a Tarotscope?

7th Sense offers a unique reading to our customers once a month. We have taken the best of two worlds - the tarot and the horoscope - and combined them to create a Tarotscope.

Once a month I draw 3 tarot cards for each birth sign, I then tune in on a psychic level into tarot while using the horoscope sign in place of the person to interpret the meaning for each sign. 

Tarotscope should offer you an indication of what lies ahead for the coming month, and suggest some action you may wish to take to avoid some life complications. Your birth sign will tell me how you will react to an event, and how other people will react to you during an event. 

Same star sign, same events predicted - but different experiences

There are millions of people worldwide who are all born under the same sign as you. Not all of you will have exactly the same events during your week or month, but you will have unique, individual experiences, which will present themselves on your journey. The way you react to them, based on the character of your sign, will not only determine the outcome, but also the next step in your week or month. 

Are you getting our free horoscopes?

Since time began, man has looked to the stars for signs to guide his way. Today, we continue that tradition, via our horoscopes. If you would like to receive a free weekly or monthly reading from 7th Sense, just sign up here...and start following the stars. For this week's reading, go to our horoscopes page.