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Druidism and psychic readings

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Druidism and psychic readings

As you may have noticed, some of our readers use Druidism as a tool, so you might be asking yourself what exactly are druids? Where do they come from? And how do they connect to psychic readings? Let’s look at who they are and what they believe, so should you choose to connect with them you will understand the journey they are on.

Where is Druidism from?

Druidism is one of the most ancient Celtic religions, emerging from central Europe, England and Ireland. The original druids left very little in the way of writing to tell us about their world, but their belief wasn’t about material or academic learning because they were at one with nature. For this reason, trees are sacred to the druids; they are seen as a gateway from this world to the next.

What do Druids do?

Druids celebrate the seasons, believing they are controlled by the gods. They have many ceremonies marking the two most important time periods of the year. The Equinox, when day and night are of equal measure, and the Solstice -  both summer and winter -  when day dominates night and vice versa. 

Druids have many sacred sites, which have great meaning to them. The most famous of these are Stonehenge in the United Kingdom and Newgrange in Ireland. The latter was designed (who knows how!) to allow the rising sun to fill its inner chambers at the dawn of the Solstice. 

How does Druidism connect with the afterlife?

The Druids believe in the afterlife and a have a strong connection to our ancestors. They believe that the tree, having its roots deep in the ground connects to the underworld where our ancestors dwell; meanwhile, a tree's branches reach high towards the sky where the gods dwell. Therefore, a tree is the perfect gateway between the two worlds through which souls may travel. 

Nature is at the very core of their belief and through nature druids can understand the how the world works and how your life plan is progressing 

Why should I connect with a Druid reader?

If you want a reading which bases its traditions in the ancient world, then choose a psychic reader who uses Druidism as a tool. The practice is far older than the Tarot.

Remember:  Mother Nature herself controls the living and the dead, the seasons and the light and the very oceans; she has the power to bring life to a seed and change the colors of the leaves in fall; she  carves your very path through this world, regardless if you live in the country surrounded by nature, or in the city surrounded by stone. You belong to her; she brought you here, is guiding you on your path, and it is she who will guide you home.

If you can can immerse yourself in then spirit of Mother Nature, then a Druid reading is certainly for you.


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