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FREE 7th Sense Illustrated Tarot Card Guide

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FREE 7th Sense Illustrated Tarot Card Guide

Tarot cards have been around for centuries, but many of us only have a scant understanding - or, more likely, misunderstanding - of each card. 

Tarot card Questions & Answers:

Is The Devil card really a bad card to find in a spread?....Maybe

Is The Lovers card really about love?...Possibly

Does picking the Death card suggest you should ring the local undertaker and start pricing coffins?!!!...Probably not!

The Truth

The truth is that Tarot cards can be interpreted in any number of ways. However, as with quantum physics, the interpretation of their meaning is relative to the person who is exposed to particular cards.

If you really want to find out the meaning of Tarot cards:

i) Do a course in Tarot reading such as the ones offered by Udemy


ii) Talk to a psychic reader and when cards are drawn, get detailed information on what they mean, particularly in relation to your life. Make sure you take notes that you can study and review later. (You don't need to have a pen and paper handy with 7th Sense Psychics because all your psychic chats are confidentially recorded and can be accessed anytime, from your account.) 

But here's another solution that 7th Sense has come up with:

Download the 7th Sense Illustrated Tarot Guide.

What is the 7th Sense Illustrated Tarot Card Guide and why is it so useful?

The guide contains a simple, clear explanation of each Tarot card. It is beautifully illustrated, page-by-page, with the 78 cards in a Tarot deck. covering the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

Getting the free guide

To get the 7th Sense Illustrated Tarot Card Guide, just sign up for a free account with 7th Sense. There's no costs associated with a 7th Sense account and we don't ask for any financial information. By signing up, you also get a free weekly horoscope sent to your email, every week, as well as exclusive access to special offers. 

Devices that you can view the guide on:

Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android phone, Android Table, PC or Mac computer. 

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