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Gemini Tarotscope 2016

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Gemini Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The King of Swords for Gemini, arriving for the months of January to April shows that you have many plans, and can be a little impatient about them coming to the point where you are happy with them. Hard work is something you are not shy off, but frustration can hit in because the results are slow in coming. This is all part of the greater plan. Say the course for now, as you have put too much in to back away from something that you love. The future is never set in stone as you have the ability to change things through your actions, and very often this is done by simply by changing the way you look at things. The most valuable thing a look into the future can offer us, is a chance to make the most of these opportunities. This helps stop us from making mistakes we otherwise could have avoided. Use your instincts well in the first four months of the year, as they will guide you wisely. Do not allow the jealousy of another to stop you from achieving what you set out to do. Your path is your path, and it does not need to be run by outside rules, unless is effects their life directly.

May to August, The Ace of Pentacles shows the middle of the year May to August is the time to start getting your act together, as far as finances are concerned. If you get it right now, it will make for a much smoother journey in the months to come. The summer sun gives you the energy you require to work at what it is you want to work at. You have the world at your door; you choose when you want to open it and what rewards you expect from your work. A sudden and unexpected change of direction from where we were heading, can be unsettling but is not necessarily a bad thing. Destiny can sometimes kick in, and she takes no prisoners when she wants her will too be known. The good thing is that she normally points us in the right direction when she feels we have gone a little off the mark. So if something unexpected seems to be stopping you from moving forward. Investigate why. Perhaps a review of the direction you were taking might show you that there was a better option. It’s better to stop and pay attention at this stage, than march on blindly and have regrets later.

September to December, The Magician Card shows a crossroads for the last four months of the year September to December. There are a few doors opening, and you must choose which one it is you want to walk through. All the experience of the year gone bye will now being called into action, you should be well prepared for anything it has to present .You have a lot to  offer to anyone who is looking for assistance. This is a great time for career change if you want it. Remember that these are roads and opportunities that are offered. If you find something doesn’t suit you, you have the opportunity to turn back and take another route. There are many avenues to one destination, so find the one that suits you the best. This is your journey, and sometimes when others try to stir you in a direction you feel uncomfortable about, it’s because it’s the wrong way. Stand your ground and follow where your heart tells you to go. There is no point in walking a path meant for someone else. If you do, then it will only be them who gains from it and not you. Be your own person and live your own dream.

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