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Good and bad Psychics

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Good and bad Psychics

If you're new to psychic readings, you may find it daunting to have to choose a psychic from all the psychics listed on our reader's page. You may even be asking yourself "Are psychics real?"

If one of your fears is that the readers may not be genuine, then let me put your mind to rest. All our readers have to go through a thorough screening process (which involves multiple interviews and testing of psychic reading abilities) before being allowed to work with 7th Sense Psychics.

That's why, unlike our competitors, we use a limited number of psychics. For us, it's about quality, not quantity.  

Bad psychics versus good psychics

We have all heard the stories of people who went to fake psychics and have had terrible experiences. They felt the psychic reader was just pulling stuff from the air - no wonder that so many people then ask "Are psychics real?". However, many others report situations where they had a wonderful experience where a gifted psychic hit things right on the nail. But what makes a good psychic and what makes a bad one?

True psychics

A genuine psychic does not need beads and bells, flowing robes and necklaces with skulls and scary things hanging off to connect with the spirit world. A genuine psychic believes in what he or she does, and understands that psychic abilities exist in every one of us - to a lesser or greater degree. He or she does not cast spells or create fear. Quite the reverse: a genuine psychic should help you feel a little more enlightened and comforted in your life.

What should I expect from a real psychic?

A genuine psychic should at least deliver information you can relate to. This may not gel straight away, but later the truth should come together for you. I recently read a post on Reddit where a person revisited a recording of a psychic reading 10 years earlier - and, in hindsight, was astonished by its accuracy.

I often say to someone who doesn’t appear to understand a message straight away, to put it in your pocket and take it with you. They normally will return to tell me that later that day they realized exactly what I was talking about.

What If I don’t understand the message?

Psychic messages are complicated  because, unlike the living, spirit does not communicate directly in language, but through other means, which need to be translated by the reader - in the same way a language needs to be translated. Anyone who has ever used Google translate will know the translation is never word for word correct, and sometimes even a little cryptic.  Inevitably, some psychic messages may just come across wrong or scattered in meaning. This is why I always ask that people carry the message away, think about it, and it will become clear later. 

Some final words...

many askI have found that those who can do a reading well and have total belief in what they do make the best psychics. They live it and breathe it. 

Thy are not fooling themselves, nor are they trying to fool those who seek their help.

About the author: Vincent is a Seventh Son of a Seventh Son and an acknowledged Master Psychic.