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Halloween and "scary" tarot cards

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Halloween and "scary" tarot cards

It’s Halloween and around this time many of us may decide to get a psychic reading because of the season that’s in it: when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest. There are even psychic reading parties organized that allow  people to connect with the spirit world in a relaxed, fun environment.

However, many others will be  put off a psychic tarot reading by that other stalwart of Halloween: fear.

This  is understandable as two of the most famous tarot cards are constantly associated (in really bad horror films, especially) with  doom and gloom and unimaginable horrific events: the Death card and The Devil card. 

What could possibly be more scary than these two portents of horror? And what a terrible thing it would be to have them drawn as part of  a spread in a tarot reading!

But this perception of the cards is ENTIRELY MISTAKEN. Like all tarot cards, these cards have a much more complex meaning and should never ever be interpreted according to their face value. 

So let's take a look at what these apparently-terrifying cards might really mean when we draw them in a reading. 

The Death Card

This  is probably the most feared card in tarot. We all worry that it indicates that physical death is close. However, this is not the case! There is nothing necessarily scary about it at all. 

The Death card traditionally means change. It is a card of transformation and unavoidable endings. Endings, however, that lead to new beginnings, opportunities and a potentially bright future (That's not so bad, is it?)  

We must close one chapter to start another - clear the old to find the new. The Death card suggests that implementing change will not be an easy task, since sudden and unexpected change can be painful. 

Nevertheless, it is only by leaving the past behind that we can truly embrace fresh possibilities and take a new direction.

The Devil Card

Often illustrated as the scariest card in the tarot deck, the Devil appears more frightening than he really is. As Oscar Wilde said: “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.” 

This card within tarot represents our shadow selves – all the negative emotions of anger and aggression we possess but do not wish to acknowledge . Receiving this card in a reading is a strong indication that our focus need to be turned inwards and that we must work hard on learning to love and accept ourselves. We are all human.

This card indicates that it is time to let go of unhealthy attachments in our life, to break bad habits or negative patterns of behavior. The Devil in tarot is actually a card of hope, it tells us that we must and can improve ourselves by changing our way of thinking.

Do not fear the cards, this Halloween

If you haven't done so before, consider this Halloween a time when you can connect with a psychic in a uniquely open and liberating way -  without having unfounded fears. And should you draw either of the cards mentioned above, do not fear them - merely see them as helping to provide a new path for you to follow.


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