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Halloween films – the Psychics’ choice

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Halloween films – the Psychics’ choice

Who better to provide guidance and clarity on getting a good scare at Halloween than our psychic readers? 

We asked all our readers to pick their favorite celluloid horror. Not surprisingly, the outright winner was the eponymous Halloween, featuring director John Carpenter’s murderous (possibly demonic) Michael Myers.The nineties comedy horror Scream came second, roaring into second place in our poll. In third place, another oldie: the original Poltergeist, released over 30 years ago and directed by Tobe Hooper, whose other legendary horror film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre also made our list of recommendations. 

The full list of recommendations follows, with comments by our psychic readers. Do you agree with them?

The top 3 picks

1. Halloween

My favorite All Hallows' Eve movie is HALLOWEEN, both the 1978 original & Rob Zombie's recent version. Why? Because it's horror at its best, not just some gross slasher movie but suspense, drama…keeping you on the edge of your seat until the last scene as you think "Phew! Michael Myers is dead…but NO ! The body is missing and then we horror movie lovers get a sequel. Yaaay! 

Mystic Annika

It is a good movie, it is creepy and also leaves you in suspense ….it also has a good storyline behind it. I definitely will recommend Halloween, the Michael Myers story.

Psychic Margaret

My favorite Halloween movie would have to be Halloween - the first one with Jamie Lee Curtis. It's not just a fun and scary movie, it's also a family Halloween tradition!

- Amirah

What I love about this film is no matter how many times they kill him he always comes back…


Halloween is my favorite scary movie it's a classic. I used to watch it with my dad. It brings back memories from my childhood.

Mystic Sophia

John Carpenter’s Halloween: a tale about an escaped masked murderer creeping around the fictional town of Haddonfield. Anxiety-inducing without being gory. I like to be scared not terrified and this film is just right.


2. Scream

There’s no doubt that one of the most fun parts of Halloween is getting scared silly. Watching horror films, dressing up in terrifying costumes, and reveling in all things grim and ghoulish. Sometimes, though, the Halloween season can get a little bit too intense. I want to be scared, but not too scared Scream is definitely one of my favorite horror films it has all the thrills, and chills, yet it's absolutely hilarious. Deputy Dewy, Randy, and Stu are definitely a Scream!

Mrs Waldorf

I like the movie Scream. It is scary but not too scary. It’s just suspenseful and fun. I would recommend that for sure 

Evon Star

Scream is my favorite. The mystery of who is the killer kept me on the edge of my seat the first time I saw it. Classic movie in my book.

- Edith

3. Poltergeist 

It is a more realistic film of the spirit world and the special effects for that time period were very intense and quite scary.

- Jayson

Poltergeist is my fave and I see it is going through a remake in time for this year’s 

"what’s-that-noise-in-the-hallway" season.  Happy Halloween everyone!  

- Alice

Other recommendations

The Exorcist 

It really scares me out of my wits. Love it. It’s the best scary show ever, 

- Ms Sonia

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Movies like this are not made anymore. It brings back childhood memories on Halloween. It gives me the care that I need.

- Beth

The Shining

Jack Nicholson’s laugh, wildly-possessed eyes and maniacal “Honey, I’m home” bathroom scene has forever the same effect on my psyche…utter horror.

- Mary Lou

Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot

This character, Ben Mears, played by David Soul from the TV series `Starsky and Hutch`, is a writer who returns to Salem in Maine where he lived as a boy from the age of  9 to 13, only to discover that the local townspeople are slowly turning into Vampires.   In short it is `Hutch versus the Vampire`.

- Siobhan

Nosferatu the Vampire

My all-time favorite horror flick is Werner Herzog's re-make of "Nosferatu The Vampyre" from 1979. Starring Klaus Kinski as Count Dracula it's spooky and surreal and with great locations and great acting. Check it out if you haven't seen it. (Owen)

- Owen 

Friday the 13th

My FAV horror flick has always been and will always be .... The Shining. Jack Nicholsan's bone-chilling laugh, wildly-possessed eyes and maniacal "Honey, I'm home" bathroom scene has the forever same effect on my psyche ....utter Horror. 

- Jennifer

Freddy vs Jason

Probably one of the many movies that come to mind when someone asks what's my favorite movie among the genre of horror. I love the genre. Not so much the newer movies - and especially not the B-rated ones - but I do enjoy the older ones like Psycho - an amazing classic, awesome movie. I believe every horror fan must have seen this movie at least once. 

- Molly


My favorite movie to watch around Halloween is DEVIL. It approaches the horror of the reality of an evil force on earth in an unorthodox and spiritually enlightening manner. It is a deep movie and very scary on a psychological level without a lot of blood and guts…If you like to have your mind blown and be surprised, check it out. It is amazing!

- Golden Eye

Thirteen Ghosts

13 ghosts but only if you have it on dvd (special feature shows the background of the ghosts ) this makes it for me as it shows the amount of thought that went into it. I love a good fright. I also love the classics The Exorcist, The Omen, etc., - not only to watch but also to read. 

- Trish

Fun films for Halloween

Addams family

The best movie for me is The Addams Family, it has it all! Spooky, funny each character loving and accepting their unique difference and an underlying message of support and love for each other. The love story of Mortica and Gomez is wonderful. Brilliant

- Lori

The Night Before Christmas

My favorite movie to watch around Halloween time is "The Nightmare Before Christmas" I know it's not a true horror flick but I enjoyed it as a child and still do, my 5 year old son also loves this movie. The characters remind me of the Deviant Moon tarot deck. Great movie!

- New York Advisor Ima 

Practical Magic

I don't watch horror movies (hate them!), but I do enjoy witchy films. My all-time favorite is Practical Magic. The characters are amazing, very much like real life witches, and there is humor in the movie, along with love and midnight margaritas!

- Luna

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