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Halloween interview with a modern-day witch

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Halloween interview with a modern-day witch

At this time of the year, all minds are focused on Halloween. Love it or hate it, it’s very hard to avoid. It’s a time when our minds turn to all things ghoulish and creepy. One of the most recognizable Halloween icons is the witch on her broomstick. 

However, as you can see from our picture of modern-day witch Treasa Kerrigan (née Ní Mhurchú), contemporary practitioners of witchcraft are a long way removed form the traditional, unflattering image of them.

Treasa is a well-known Irish witch who has appeared on Ghost Adventures on  TV and runs her own Sacred Sites website, guiding you around the ancient magical sights of Ireland. What better time to ask her what it means to be a witch in the modern world?


What is a witch?

To me, a witch is someone that lives in harmony with nature and is able to tune into the energies of the natural world and sometimes influence those energies.

Where do witches come from?

I think people are born as witches, with more psychic abilities than the average person.

Are witches evil?

No. Most witches are very much in tune with nature and are empathetic souls that spend a lot of their time and energy helping people and animals.

Do you practice spells?

Yes, mainly healing spells on the full moon.

Can you cast a spell?

Yes, I mainly write and practice my own spells, rather than using other people's as I find it more powerful that way.

Do spells work?

Sometimes they will, but not always.  Sometimes there are blocks or reasons for things not to work, sometimes not enough energy is raised and put into the spell.

What do witches use in their spells?

Usually things like water from a spring or well that is significant to them, crystals, maybe some earth, salt, feathers, incense, paper and then drumming or chanting to raise the energy.

Do you cast bad spells?

No, most of my spells are requests for healing by people that are sick, or to help with moving on from difficult situations.  Also for breaking energetic ties with an ex for example.

Do you have a broomstick?

No, I've a sweeping brush and a vacuum cleaner for the floors, and a Nissan Micra for getting about in.

How do you think witchcraft should be viewed in the modern world?

There are a number of different ways to view it. Some see it as a religion -  ie Wicca -  others as a healing modality like other forms of energy work e.g. Reiki, IET, bio energy.  Personally I think it's like a cross between counselling and energy work.

Do you think witchcraft has a future?

I think most definitely. Especially these days with the decline of organised religion around the world.  People are searching for other forms of spirituality, for meaningful lives.  Witchcraft can provide that meaning.  Also the internet has given witches a huge network worldwide whereas before the web it would have been difficult to connect and to discover information.

What does a witch do at Halloween if anything?

Personally, I will be at Tlachtga (pronounced Clak-ta) at the Samhain Fire Festival on Halloween night, honoring and celebrating the story of the Goddess Tlachtga.  It's at Athboy, Co. Meath in Ireland, and is where the first Samhain (Halloween) fires were lit, thousands of years ago.

Why do you think this is an ideal time for a psychic reading?

As the Veil thins during this season,the spirit world grows closer and we can connect more easily with our Guides.

You can find out more about Treasa at the Sacred SItes website.

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