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Halloween the thinning of the veil

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Halloween the thinning of the veil

Halloween is almost upon us and it may just be the perfect time to consider a psychic reading. 

The balance of the two worlds

To understand the existence of the veil between our two worlds, just imagine a weighing scale. When one side is heavier than the other, neither can see the other as one is above and one is below, yet both exist. But when the balance is just right, the two sides align and both are visible to each other. 

Because this time of year heralds an alignment of the dark and the light in the northern hemisphere, it brings the two opposite worlds to an even level that makes communication that little bit easier. Although this is not the Equinox, it is the first glimpse of a balance between the two worlds and the first time communication between each is possible.

The dawning of the Halloween tradition

To explore the tradition of Halloween and where it came from, we need to go way back in time to ancient Ireland. Ireland was once an island of forests where those who lived among the trees believed in the spirit world. 

In the depth of the forest - which could be dark even in the lighter days of summer - days grew darker and more mysterious as the autumn or fall shadows descended and the trees, which were very much a part of the forest dwellers' world, began to die. The Ancients were well aware of the existence of the world of spirit, and throughout the world you will find many celebrations to mark this season as the winter Equinox approaches.

The Season of Halloween or Samhain

As we approach the season of Halloween - or Samhain as it was known in ancient Ireland - we become more aware of all the ghouls and goblins and all things scary that surround us - real or imagined. This is an instinct that we have carried with us from the time of the ancients. 

Perhaps in the forests of ancient Ireland as the evenings darkened and the temperatures dropped, people became aware of fleeting shadows that were not visible until this time of year. Perhaps as the days grew shorter and darkness descended, people retreated indoors leaving the outside world to the unseen, the unheard, and the silent spirits who dwelt in the darkness. These fearful people were all too aware that there was another unknown plane where the living did not walk.

The thinning of the veil

It was believed by our ancestors and is believed  by spiritualists today Halloween time signals a thinning of the veil between the world of the living and the world of spirit.

It is believed that spirit, which prefers to dwell in the shadows, can now  roam more freely as the night shadows grow longer. In doing so, it can come closer to those of us in the non-spirit world.

Through tarot, psychic readers can contact the world of spirit, which is so dynamic and universal at this time of year. It  is the ideal time to seek psychic guidance as the connection is much more open than at any other season.

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