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How to Pick the Perfect Psychic Reader

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How to Pick the Perfect Psychic Reader

Good reader or bad reader? It's the question everyone asks when going for a psychic reading. Readers come in all shapes and sizes - and from different backgrounds - and this will, undoubtedly,  influence how they read for people. 

So how do you pick the right psychic reader for you

Well, here are some guidelines that might help:

What qualities does it take to be a good reader?


In my view, a good reader must first have empathy: the ability to be able to put oneself into someone else's shoes, and relate to what a person is feeling at a particular time. Without this you might as well do a Psychic Tarot reading with a brick wall. A reader who stays grounded, and is aware of the realities and difficulties of modern life, will be able to understand almost any situation that comes up in the reading and relate to it.


It's no good having empathy without compassion. When you feel someone's pain, you must be able to offer comfort and guidance, with an awareness of their delicate position in a situation. Giving advice without this level of sensitivity is both careless and irresponsible. 


You must also have the ability to get to the heart of a problem and then guide someone to the right path. Someone who is lost and looking for answers needs to be shown how they can find their way out of a difficult situation. Only by doing this can a reader win trust and be respected by the client. 

What should I look for in a reader?


When looking for a reading, you should try to get as much information about a psychic as possible. Read profiles (there are profiles available for all 7th Sense Psychics) to ensure that you will have a strong, productive connection with a reader, based on their experience and special areas of interest. Intuitively, would you feel as comfortable talking to this reader about something personal, as you would a friend?


You should always feel comfortable with your reader. Just as though the two of you were long time friends sitting down to a cup of coffee or tea, just having a chat. Let the barriers down and  your energy will flow easily and it will help your chosen psychic to tune in much easier. You should not have to tell your life story to have a good reading. It is best to let the reader do the talking until the end, then you can ask questions.


There is no point in having a reading in the first place if you come away without some clarity. Your reader can't make things better or make problems go away. But he or she should be able to advise you on the best approach to take and - at the very least - prepare you for what is to come. This will give you time to prepare. It is important to note that most clarity comes after a reading. What at first doesn't make sense can very often become clear when you have left your reader behind and had time to think. So be patient!

So the perfect psychic reader for you is...

You will know yourself if the person you are talking to is the right psychic for you. We are all walking different paths and all have different needs and different gifts. When the gift fits the need, then we know we are winning.

The journey to find a good reader is as personal as finding a pair of shoes that fit just right. No two people are the same - no two people have the same needs - but at some level we all seek the same outcome: clarity and comfort. However you find psychic guidance, once it makes your path easier, then that guidance will be right for you.

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