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How to start using Tarot

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How to start using Tarot

Tarot has been around since the 14th century and has survived centuries of war, hunger and persecution to still be relevant in the twenty-first century.

But have you ever been curious about how Tarot works?

What does it take to be a Tarot reader?

To start using Tarot, you will need: (1) A deck of Tarot cards (2) An instruction booklet or teacher (3) Empathy (4) A sprinkle of intuition and, most importantly,  (5) Patience! 

These five things will kick start your journey to an understanding of how to read Tarot. That said, some skill can be taught, but a huge part of Tarot reading comes from deep within you.

Which Tarot deck is best?

Although there are many different styles of Tarot cards out there, they should all have the four.

Cups = emotions, romance, family

Wand = energy, health, well-being, work

Pentacles = finance, material things of value

Swords = worry, stress, blockages, anger

A Tarot deck should also contain the Major Arcana, the cards that dictate the journey we take through the life of any situation and which are read in conjunction with any of the four suit cards.

Teacher or Instruction book?

 A book will help you grow and learn in your own time, but a good teacher can impart personal experiences he or she has had along the way. Both methods have individual benefits - but if you can incorporate both methods, that would be fantastic. (Tip: for an easy-to-follow overview of the Tarot deck, download our free guide.)

How long will it take to learn?

This is your journey, so learn Tarot your way and in your time. Pick a few cards each day and study them. Learn their meaning, see what each card makes you feel when you look at it, and how that meaning can change when it falls beside a different card.

But I'm not psychic!

I firmly believe that everyone has psychic ability. It is part of our genetic makeup. Empathy for others can help us to unlock this intuition, slowly but surely. It's like any skill: you have to exercise it daily to become proficient in its use. 

The cards can be used as a tool for this. You can read the cards without it, but Tarot works much better if you develop your psychic abilities. 

Time is the best teacher

In time, as you unlock your insight, your readings will improve.

Because Tarot reading is a very personal experience, every reading - and reader - is unique .You can have all the teachers in the world, and read every book that has ever been written on the subject, but your connection to Tarot and your psychic ability is as individual as your fingerprint. 

You are not alone

Although most Tarot readers like myself  - a third-generation reader - inherited the ability to read Tarot, that does not mean you cannot learn to be just as skilled.

Many of our most gifted psychics in 7th Sense have had to undertake similar journeys, and all had to provide an in-depth psychic demonstration in order to work for us. Why not ask them about their journeys next time you get a reading from 7th Sense psychics?

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