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I’m psychic, so why can’t I win the lottery?

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I’m psychic, so why can’t I win the lottery?

One of the recurring questions posed to Psychics by skeptics is why they don’t use their powers to make themselves millionaires. For instance: “Why, if you have the power to predict the future, don’t you pick next week’s winning lottery numbers?” It’s a good question that I have often asked myself!

Being a Psychic does not mean that you won’t win the lottery, but if you win, it will be through sheer luck, rather than via your psychic gift. That is not the purpose of your intuition. Being gifted as a Psychic merely means you have the ability to act as a channel for others, not yourself.  It’s not so you can have an absolutely amazingly wealthy and worry-free life. If our lives were stress free then we would lose the most important thing a Psychic has:  empathy. 

What is money?

Money is a man-made material thing. It means nothing in the world of spirit. Our lifelong spiritual journey is one for the soul, not the flesh. Being psychic is not about “getting one over” on other people. That would just defeat the purpose of your journey. To bring meaning to life, you have to be expose yourself to life’s experiences – the good and the bad. 

Yes, of course it would make your life easier if you had loads of cash, but you will learn very little about what existence is really about. 

The messages are not for you

As a Psychic, my job is to help others on their path by tuning in to their problems. I provide an outside perspective. I can neither analyze nor judge.  (If you analyze, you could be tempted to alter a message just because it doesn’t fit into your way of thinking. In so doing, you are altering the meaning intended for its proposed recipient, which I must emphasize again, is not you.)

A Psychic can merely assist people in finding solutions to ongoing difficulties, which will lessen the burden of their journeys a little. It’s not about helping himself or herself – or at least it should not be. 

But back to the lottery…

When choosing numbers for the lottery, it would be wonderful if we were able to tap into some well of magical knowledge, but this isn’t the case. If this was possible, then the only people who would win the lottery would be psychics, which is hardly fair!

Psychic messages are not about what you can get from them, but rather what these messages can give to others. If that is not reward enough, then truly what real value is there in having psychic abilities at all? 

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