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Leo Tarotscope 2016

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Leo Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Six of Wands for Leo, shows that something has been accomplished early in the year January to April. This is an opportunity to show others what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. It could also impress someone who has the ability to offer you a gateway to future success. Your confidence in your abilities can pay off at this time, so stay strong and don’t lose your sense of direction in a project you are trying to complete. The six of wands is a success card and a great one to have for the beginning of the year. Open your mind to opportunities which could be right under your nose. Be a dreamer and be the best version of you as the year opens. Spring should give you the push you need to move forward with your dreams or at least plan where you want those dreams to take you. This is not a time for doubts or hesitation, but a time of grabbing what you can get and running with it. You are setting the stage for the rest of the year, so why short change yourself? This is your life, your journey, and you have to make the most of every year it offers you.

May to August, The Hanged man card shows that in order to achieve things in the second 4 months of the year May to August, you must sacrifice something. This can often be bad habits which are affecting your chances and the ability to move forward as you are planning to do. Everything worth anything always comes with a price, and it’s the price we are willing to pay which dictates the true value of our goals in our life. The summer months seem to offer you more energy and gusto to take on anything that comes your way. Even though this card says sacrifice, it is a sacrifice with great rewards, and the benefits will far outweigh any discomfort that these sacrifices bring. The Leo Lion is a leader, and others will be watching your progress to see how you are achieving the things you set out to get. Just be sure they are not competitors for your goals. For the smokers under the Leo sign this period could offer you the gateway out of the addiction that you have been looking for. But remember, you are always in the driving seat, and if you want it, nothing can stop you.

September to December,The Wheel of fortune spinning in the months of September to December, shows that times are changing and new opportunities are about to arrive on your doorstep. After some time of uncertainty and imbalance the feeling that good luck coming your way is in the air. Everything has a cycle, and this period of the year is the most positive time for you. But there is no sense in being positive unless you take the opportunity and use it wisely. The closing of the year can have some people feeling regret over the things they missed out on throughout the last 12 months, but not you. Many doors are open to you, and how you choose to move forwards will lay the foundations for the New Year which is fast approaching. Imagine yourself on the doorstep of the New Year, with wonderful new opportunities and clear visions of where you are heading. There is no reason why this cannot be possible, its al about a state of mind. You don’t need to invest anything other than positivity to build the future that you want.

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