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Libra Tarotscope 2016

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Libra Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Ten of Cups for Libra, shows a great time for all the lovers in the Libra house. The first four months of 2016 from January to April,sees happy hearts and the joining of souls. If you are a single Libra, it’s the perfect opportunity to change your status, and if you are already partnered, it appears to be a great time to remind yourselves why you started on this journey together in the first place. Get to know each other again. The path of true love may not always run smooth, but if it is true love, there is precious little that can break it. Getting to know someone takes time and effort, and reviving something you lost in a relationship is no different. But if you once made each other happy, then there is no reason you can’t do it again. For some of you this card could signify a long awaited new addition to the family. Regardless if you expected it, or it is a surprise, the news appears to bring great happiness and reasons for celebration. Whichever of these you fall into, the ten of cups is a card of the heart, so enjoy and embrace what it sends. Whatever the outcome, enter 2016 with an open heart, and a desire to be happy for the year to come.

May to August, The Four of Wands covers the period from May to August indicate high energy. Yes they are the summer months, but this is also pointing at mental energy. It’s a time when great ideas can be worked on, and actually put into place. There is a feeling of being supported and directed. Teams have the ability to flourish at this time, provided you all have a desire for the same outcome. Planning is all important, so set your sights on a goal and allow yourself to be guided by your desire to achieve the goal you started on this journey for. Keep your goal in your heart and head and you can’t fail. The four of wands also covers balance in health, so while you are keeping yourself busy, you must watch that you get sufficient rest and nutrition. A healthy imagination is not much use unless we have a healthy body. Remember your true wealth is in your health. Whatever you strive to achieve this summer it appears success is on the horizon. Allowing yourself the ability to succeed is the name of the game this season. You deserve it.

September to December, The King of Swords covers the period from September to December. This is a time of contemplation and reflection, but be careful not to allow yourself to wallow too long in this state of mind, as it could affect your creative streak. You have to view the winter months as the door way to a new spring .This is a new opportunity to catch up on the things you missed out on last year. The closing of the year is a great time to make plans to improve your life, and the coming year and allows you to clear obstacles before they even arise to block your path. Close every day with a new plan, or a desire to achieve something new the following day. If you have a long term plan, then set your mental clock that, and every day will bring you a little bit closer to achieving it. Although the winter months can drag in for some of you, you must remain focused on positive things. It is all too easy for negativity to enter your path if you give it the ground it requires. Don’t allow others to feed negativity into your plan. Remember this is a second chance to repair anything which was not completed last year. It’s not a wall or a stumbling block; it is a doorway to possible success, if you choose to take it.

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