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Love and The Lovers Card in Tarot

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Love and The Lovers Card in Tarot

A naked man and a naked woman reaching out for each other with the words “The Lovers” emblazoned underneath them. Of course this tarot card must be related to love! Well, yes, but not in the way you think. In fact, if you want some insights into passion and romance, then other tarot cards will tell you much more than The Lovers ever could…

The Lovers card

Despite the name, The Lovers card can be misinterpreted by those unfamiliar with tarot, and create confusion about relationships. Our immediate instinct is to associate this card with love, but its meaning is nuanced and often elusive. It is really about our psyche and life harmony. It is what is known as a "choice" card. The card often signifies that difficult and painful choices may lie ahead, but it also informs us that the correct decision is within our reach. The crucial question that arises is how to make the correct decision? Of course this can be relevant to love - but not always. 

Cards that reveal the most about love & passion

In tarot,  the cards to look for - that give deep insights into love - are in the Suit of Cups. These cards  are associated with love, passion and relationships. What do they indicate?

-The Ace of Cups symbolises an upsurge of feelings

- The Two of Cups is a card of romance

-The Three of Cups is the marriage card

-The Four of Cups is all about rejection 

-The Five of Cups represents separation or betrayal

-The Six of Cups can symbolise an old flame returning

-The Seven of Cups is the wish fulfilment card 

-The Eight of Cups means leaving the past behind

-The Nine of Cups is all about great emotional joy 

-and the Ten of Cups symbolizes contentment.

Tarot understands that love is complicated, and it has a particular card for every twist and turn that love can take. As Shakespeare put it: “The course of true love never did run smooth”.

Tarot love reading

When you have experienced love, there is an endless stream of questions that flood your mind. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at: whether you’re looking for love, in love or trying to get over love. There is confusion at every turn. 

A gifted psychic will draw tarot cards for you that can be revealing, reassuring or even astounding when it comes to love. Talk to a 7th Sense Psychic to find out what love cards you draw.

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