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Love Tarot Readings

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Love Tarot Readings

In tarot, there are no good or bad cards: everything depends on the individual, where in the spread a card lands, and the cards which surround it. 

Nevertheless, when I seek a tarot reading about love, there are certain cards that I relish getting and others that I would rather avoid. 

The cards I like to get in a love tarot reading:

The Sun

Indicating: happiness, bliss, prosperity and a happy love life.

Whether you are single and looking for love or in a committed relationship, receiving the Sun card is bright and brilliant!

Three of Cups

Whilst the Three of Cups is mainly connected with friendships, it is a perfect  card to receive in a love reading. It indicates a harmonious relationship. 

It suggests commitment into the future,  that if you and your partner work towards a common goal then you will attain it. A card of celebration, the birth of child, a wedding, the richness of a shared emotion. 

Ten of Pentacles

Pentacles as a suit normally indicates financial stability, but in a love reading we can consider ourselves lucky if we receive this tarot card. It shows happiness.

If you are in a relationship, this card indicates that your relationship is strengthening and growing deeper. It is connected with buying property, engagement, marriage, childbirth and represents love and security. If you're not in a relationship, this card means that you need to be open to a new love coming into your life. 


The cards I would like to avoid in a love reading:


The Devil is not all bad when it shows up in a love reading. But due to the intensity and the Devil’s destructiveness, this card flashes a severe warning. We need to be aware that too much of something is taking over! 

The Devil tarot card also signals emotional baggage, addiction, depression and dead end. 

Five of Cups

While it is not a final ending card,  the Five of Cups is a card of separation, loss or betrayal. 

A love affair or marriage has come to crisis point and the process of ending may have started.  

Eight of Cups

This card suggests leaving the past behind and abandoning hope. Depression. The only solution is to let go. This card symbolizes that effort has been invested in vain. 

The Eight of Cups comes from a Minor Arcana and thus it lacks the power of the Death tarot card. But what can be more scary that the loss of hope? I’d rather not have it in my love reading.

Every tarot card has its light and shade, its positive and negative aspects. What will your love reading reveal? Why not find out by talking to one of our psychics?

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