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Mystery Girl and Vikings Fan - will it last?

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Mystery Girl and Vikings Fan - will it last?

In the course of just over two weeks, two students in the University of Wisconsin have become  famous as Mystery Girl and Vikings Fan. Their Snapchat-enabled relationship has taken the world by storm, clicking up more than 2 million views on YouTube alone. 

It began with with a love declaration and a challenge, with Mystery Girl declaring to Vikings Fan: "I am seriously in love with you...find me." 

The students on campus were mobilized, cheering on the couple and hoping for a happy ending. Finally, after a few near misses, the two met up in the campus bar, greeted with resounding applause from all assembled.

Beginning or End?

The question on everybody's lips at the moment is whether or not it's going to turn out to be true, lasting love. Some cynics are also suggesting that the whole thing was staged. 

You can find out what the couple have to say themselves on this CNN video.

Meanwhile, we asked our resident Master Psychic Vincent for his thoughts on the couple's future. He drew 7 Tarot cards and gave us these insights into the relationship:

The psychic view of Mystery Girl and Vikings Fan

I believe that sometimes people meet and recognize something in each other that they have been missing, sometimes without even knowing it on a conscious level. 

This case appears to be just that kind of an event. Two people, after a very brief encounter, found something in each other’s energy which locked them together in a weird but wonderful bond.

 - Master Psychic Vincent

But will it last?

At the moment they  are on the crest of a wave of new fantastic love and are surrounded by people watching and wishing that it will remain that way. 

But what will happen when all the public attention is gone? Then they have to cope with being an ordinary couple - rather than a celebrity one - and they will have to deal with the everyday grind...studies..bills - the stuff that the media won't be chasing them about. 

In a lot of couples this is where it could finish. But with this couple I feel there is great potential for them to be together in another fifty years. There is something about the energy between them which acts like a rubber band. Even if they choose to leave and go their separate ways, they will constantly be drawn back to each other over and over.


As with all psychic readings, the free will of the people involved will determine the outcome. But with these two, the potential for this to go on to "happy ever after" is really high. 

It will mean staying together, working together and standing together. But the overall feeling about them is something which is already visible to the public -  even those who are not psychic. Their energy is acting like an amazingly strong magnet, that is pulling them together.


I would feel confident there is nothing these two could not overcome, because combining the energy of the two of them makes for a powerful force.

 - Master Psychic Vincent

The Tarot cards drawn and what they suggest

Drawing 2 sets of 3 cards and 1 for luck:


The First 3 Cards

The Ace of Swords. This couple, although enjoying their youth as they should, were both subconsciously in search of something. This is not unusual for anyone in their younger years, but it’s like they were both missing the other part of their souls.


The Death card shows a new day dawning. This is the death of an old way of life and the beginning of a new one. There is a lot of expectation around this couple, as the pressure is on from those who are watching from afar, but at the moment this only adds to the excitement of the relationship.


The Six Of Wands. This card is the card of achievement. A great achievement has come to pass. Two sides of one soul have been reunited. But this is in the gaze of many followers who have high expectations of these two people. The potential is great, but will the pressure be too much?


The Second 3 Cards

The Page Of Cups. This is the card of young love. Emotions are high, plans are being made for the future and anything is possible. Love's young dream is very much alive and kicking , because here they are on the crest of a wave. Time will tell.


Ace of Pentacles. Every couple will tell you that money puts a strain on even the strongest of relationships and this one is no different. There is an old saying:  love flies out the window when bills come in the door. Will this be the way of this relationship? 

The Eight of Cups. Like all relationships it will have its ups and downs. This couple will have to sail the rough seas and overcome storms and enjoy the calm waters that this journey has to offer. There will be times when all will seem lost, but yet there appears to be an invisible magnet that always draws them back together.


The Seventh Card (the decider)

The Two of Wand. The two of wands is a card that normally would indicate learning while working at something. This is not  the kind of learning you could get from a book or in a classroom, but it can only be achieved while traveling the road. Day by day and hour by hour, problem by problem. The number two gives them balance and although their hearts burn from the same light, they must learn to give and take if they are to make this work.

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