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New Recorded Psychic Reading Sessions

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New Recorded Psychic Reading Sessions

There’s an exciting new feature on our website that we’ve just launched: Phonecasts.

Listen to genuine psychic readings

These are recordings of our customers speaking to a sample of our psychic readers. You can listen to these psychic reading sessions on our audio or video players within the website page.

Talk about love, relationshsips, careers…

Listen in on converstions that cover love, relationships, careers and all the other problems that confront ordinary people on a daily basis.

Find out how our different gifted psychics respond to the unique problems that arise, always helping callers to work their way through confusing or difficult life situations. You’ll be surprised by what they have to say – and how frank they often are about the caller and those people mentioned by the caller!

Real sessions, real people

These recorded psychic reading sessions are with genuine people – not actors - prompted to turn to 7th Sense Psychics to talk about current difficulties. We are using their recordings with their full permission and we are very grateful for their kindness (and that of the psychics, of course) in letting us do so.

Listen and empathize

If you’ve never had a psychic reading before, you might be surprised at the insights that our callers get when speaking to psychics like Amirah, Vhee and Navaya. They may not have exaclty the same issues as you, but they speak about them in a way that make it impossible not to empathize with them. They tell engaging stories that might just inspire you to seek out a psychic reading too.

Expanding library of 7th Sense psychic sessions

Any user of our service will know that their psychic reading session is automatically recorded, so that they – and they alone - can listen back to it, if they so wish, at a later stage.

We expect to add to the library in the coming weeks and months, so that there is an in-depth and exciting resource available for people from all walks of life to experience what it means to partake in a psychic reading session.

Who knows...if you have a psychic reading with us, you may decide to become part of that library too!

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