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New Year, New You!

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New Year, New You!

A New Year is about fresh starts and exciting beginnings: new chapters to be written, with the opportunity to create a "New You". Isn't that incredibly exciting?

Making the most of this time

It is important to be focused on all the positives that life offers, while also - typically - trying to improve our health and fitness regimes. 

However, the flesh can be weak, and if we fail to achieve our New Year's resolutions, it can be greatly demotivating and undermine our emotional state. 

Psychologist’s note that instead of “Resolutions” we should create a list of all those things which make us happy.

“New Year, New You” List

7 scientifically proven steps to help us to start the New Year feeling physically strong  and psychologically content :

1. Stay Healthy

Exercise and sleep well. Staying active boosts our energy and sleep recharges our batteries.

2. Maintain a  Balanced Diet

Good nutrition has a great effect on our mental health.

3. Practice Mindfulness

A combination of meditation and breathing techniques has been scientifically proven to improve our mood.

4. Embrace Your Inner Psychic

Embrace the season, stay positive and keep your spirits high! Start something new - Talk to a gifted psychic to find guidance and a way out of confusion.

5. Be Sociable 

Increase communication. Keep in mind that meeting people and talking to them has positive and profound physiological effects.

6. Plan Events

Having something to look forward to, and planning something exciting, makes us feel optimistic.

7. Set Realistic Goals and Remember the "New You" plan

It is vital to stick to your decision to stay healthy in the New Year and to make the resolutions that are specific and measurable, achievable!


Another chance

As Oprah Winfrey said: “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” 

So, we must look forward to 2016 with hope and certainty. We must acknowledge and truly appreciate that the choice to be happy, to be “New You” lies entirely in our own hands.