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New Year Resolutions: Maintaining Momentum

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New Year Resolutions: Maintaining Momentum

Made some potentially life-changing New Year resolutions? Even if you’re struggling, you deserve a pat on the back for attempting change in the first place. But now let’s keep the momentum going, and prevent any relapse into old habits....

Below are some tips based on how I managed to kick a heavy smoking habit. During this time I referred to my tarot cards, on many occasions, to remind myself of the possibilities that would be open to me if I achieved my goal. 

Positively rephrase what you are doing

Think of the positive side of the argument at all times. This will help you look forward to getting to a point where your resolutions become part of everyday life:

You are not giving up anything… you are gaining something new

You’re not losing weight… you are gaining a better figure and improved health

You are not quitting smoking… you are regaining your breath and your life

You’re not forcing yourself to exercise… you are getting out and enjoying your world.

Remember your reasons for change

Remind yourself daily why you started this journey. First thing every morning, run it through your head, so you can keep the momentum up throughout the day.  In the afternoon commend yourself and in the evening remind yourself of your achievement. If you fall, pick yourself up and go again. 

Remember past failures - and fail better

Remember the last time you tried this and failed? How disappointed were you? Well spare yourself that feeling again. Hold on to the memory of that failure, and every time you feel the temptation to break with your resolutions, run it through your mind, it will only take a minute, but it will potentially save you a lifetime of regret.

Be inspired by these words from the great Irish writer, Samuel Beckett:

Ever failed.

Ever failed.

No matter.

Try again.

Fail again. 

Fail better.

Change your attitude

Stop looking at your resolutions as though they are an insurmountable challenge. This is a new life. It’s a better one. View the problem as an enemy and don’t give it the satisfaction of it owning you again. The same applies to those around you who say you won't succeed. Show them they are wrong. Visualize what you want your new life to be and remind yourself, every day, why you are doing this.

Creatures of habit can be winners

If you are someone who picks up habits easily, hold on to that trait. It can actually be a benefit. Your bad habits would have started slowly until they became an established part of your life. Now use this trait to implement new and healthier lifestyle habits as solid and long-lasting. Proceed slowly and surely and eventually it will be just something you do, without thought. Good habits can become just as strong as bad ones.

Can a psychic tarot reader help?

The main reason we change something in our lives is because we have hit a point where we feel we must act now. This thing which we are changing has been preventing us from moving forward and achieving what our heart desires. A reading with one of our psychics at 7th Sense can remind you where you are heading and why. Our psychics can also offer you support during the change.

Remember you are not alone on this journey. 7th Sense Psychics are here to give you the encouragement you need, and even the praise others may have forgotten to give you when you deserve it. Now let’s get the show on the road and make 2016 a great year!