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New Year resolutions tool kit

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New Year resolutions tool kit

How do we carry our New Year’s resolutions into reality this year, when we may have failed so many times before? 

The following is based on my own experience after transforming myself from a 40-a-day smoker to a non-smoker, 5 years ago. I hope somewhere in here is the key you need to start your journey.

Even the best cooks need a plan

Before we undertake any job, we first need a tool kit. Without the proper tools even the simplest of jobs becomes laborious. Changing something which is embedded in your life is an effort, and requires the same respect as any other task. It also requires tools. So let’s build our tool kit, and lay it out before we even start the journey.

The tools we will use to achieve success:

1. Reason

Why do you want to make this change? Normally it’s because it is hampering your life. If it is your weight, smoking, drinking, exercise, then it is within your control. Everything in your life is under your control and no one else’s. Peer pressure can sometimes act as a trap, because it is what all our friends are doing. But watch what happens when you break the mould. Be a leader. You were not born to follow.

2. Goals

What or where do you want to be in twelve months’ time? Keep your goals realistic. You do not need to have set them on New Year’s Day. Pick your own day and your own target, so you can mentally prepare yourself. But be careful not to allow the build-up to become stressful. It should be exciting, like going on a holiday. Remember you are breaking free from something, not being imprisoned by it. Visualize your goal - own it: it is yours for the taking.

3. Psychic Advice

Our Psychic Tarot Readers will always be here to offer guidance along the journey.Many of them have taken a similar journey, so they will understand your feelings. Regardless of this, they will be able to help you overcome your weak moments by having a look at the road ahead. ( Note: only your Doctor can give you medical advice. You should always consult your doctor when changing things which will affect your health even when it is for the better.) Even Goliath needed a sling to slay the Giant. 

4. Self-control

There will always be parties, holiday events, nights out, when you will be tempted  to fall off the wagon. However, they are only brief moments in time, and they will pass, so exercise self-control to maintain your new year resolutions. The impact of your journey should last a lifetime. A tiny bit of strength on our behalf on tempting occasions will take the fear out of the situation. Be strong for tonight and be happy for life. 

5. Will-power

This is the one ability that scared the living daylights out of me, because I really didn’t think I had any. I mean, if I had will-power I never would have started smoking in the first place, and would have quit years ago. Cigarettes were making me feel and look sick. Yet every day I carried them with me and panicked if I was without them. I remembered a food item which had made me sick as a child, and yet even as an adult I could not stomach the thoughts of even tasting it. Then why was I putting cigarette toxins into my body?  Common sense is will-power.

6. Support

Family and friends will be only too happy to help you. This is especially true, if they have gone down this road before. There is nothing more valuable than the tips that people offer that helped them get over a bump on resolution road. Temptation will one day be a memory.

7. Always understand the real reward

If you tell yourself that you will give yourself a reward for being good after a certain timeline, then you are somehow setting a negative tone which can throw you off track. Your reward is to be free. Your reward is to be like the people you envy. Freedom is its own reward.