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Not all psychics are fake!

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Not all psychics are fake!

Have you seen Jimmy Kimmel's reaction to Lena Dunham, telling him she has been to psychics and believes them?

For as long as there have been psychics, there have been those who will, at every opportunity, try to discredit them. Why this is so can stem from many factors, but in a lot of cases it can be the doubter's own fears that there just might be a grain of truth in psychic phenomena. I'm reminded of the saying: "Behind every hardened cynic there is a disappointed romantic". 

That said, it's sad to report that, in the psychic field, not all suspicions are unfounded. There are some people out there without any scruples, who pretend to have psychic skills. They are happy to dupe willing believers who part with their money all too easily. 

Inevitably, this makes life very difficult for those of us who are genuine, having to constantly fend off accusations that what we do is fake or hokery-pokery. 

Don't call me fake!

It's easy to accuse someone of being fake; the accuser has to prove nothing. The onus is shifted onto the Psychic to prove that he or she is not fake. This is a pointless demand to make of genuine psychics since spirit does not dance to the tune of man’s frivolous tantrums; and is very unlikely to show up and perform to entertain the doubter. In order to believe you must first experience your own awakening. 

Where do real psychics come from?

Explaining how you became a psychic is something very personal. Religion is taught to you by parents, teachers and church leader, but spiritual awakening is something that is very individual and unique: it knows no religion, gender, color or age, and provides the moment when you realize you belong to something much greater than the solid world around you. This is a world where the normal rules of day-to-day living do not apply - and yet somehow, something very deep within your core being seems to silently understand it completely, without the need for proof or explanation.

What is a false psychic?

No matter what you work at, there will always be those who falsely try to imitate you: these  charlatans wreak havoc in their wake.The psychic world is no different to any other pursuit. 

I am constantly shocked at some of the stories that have crossed my path over the years. I am insulted that people would view the world of spirit as something to be joked about and made fun of. But I, like my colleagues, greet these occurrences with sadness and the quiet resolution that these individuals demean themselves and not the psychic world of which I am truly a part.  

7 ways to spot the genuine from the fake psychic

(1)    Never believe in a psychic who tries to scare you. 

(2)    Never believe in a psychic who tells you that you have a curse on you and only they can lift it for a price. 

(3)    Never believe in a psychic who tells you their way is the only way.

(4)    Agree a price for a reading and stick to it.

(5)    Listen to your gut feeling.

(6)    Never feel the psychic is controlling your life: a genuine psychic is no more than a guide - you choose the next steps you take. 

(7)    Always use a psychic from a trusted, reliable, source.

7th Sense never uses fake psychics

At 7th Sense, all our prospective readers are first interviewed by an experienced and gifted psychic, during which they are asked to give a reading. This is to ensure that when you contact 7th Sense you are contacting someone who is true to their art, is proven and has faith in what they do. 

In the unlikely event that you have a bad experience with a 7th Sense reader - felt they were not genuine - you can report it to our customer service team and the matter will be dealt with appropriately.