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Numerology and Psychic Readings

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Numerology and Psychic Readings

Combining Numerology with Tarot can increase the accuracy and quality of a psychic reading. Using very simple calculations of numbers based on your birth, a psychic with numerology skills can calculate a number that will have great significance on your destiny.

Knowing your "power number" can help you select a favorable date for commencing a project or anything else (marriage proposal, vacation, etc.)  where timing is vital. 

Special numbers

The belief in the power of numbers is part of many faith systems across many continents.

For example, almost everyone is familiar with the lucky numbers 3 and 7. It is said that the number 3 relates to the Holy Trinity of the Christian faith - the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. Meanwhile, the number 7 has its roots in the "7th heaven" of Islam and Judaism, where 7 is the ultimate heavenly destination. 

Turning to China, it is the number 8 which is considered lucky.

What this tells us is that numbers have had a long association with helping people find spiritual direction and guidance in life. 

How I found my lucky number

I had no previous exposure to numerology, and as a twenty nine year old,  I had little faith in anything. I then had an experience which changed my thinking and, ultimately, my life. 

I was born ninth in my family as the seventh son of twelve children. One evening while watching the TV lottery draw, I picked up my ticket and the guy on the TV called all my numbers. 

Nothing exceptional there you might say?  Apart from a win on the lottery, of course. But it was enough to raise my curiosity, and once I started looking at the numbers I noticed something unusual: the number 9 , in one form or another, kept recurring. 

The final number on the line of the lottery ticket was 33 (3x3 = 9). I was 29 years old, my share of the win (as it was a syndicate ticket), was £29000 and the date on the cheque was: 09/09/1991. 

You can see now how I figured out that 9  was my "power number". 

How can you benefit from knowing your number?

Finding your power number  - the number that plays a key role in your life -  can help put you in the driving seat of life and can improve your chances of achieving success wherever you seek it. 

Knowing your correct power number will allow you to look out for dates that may, ultimately, prove extremely significant. Also you will become aware of years in your life where the number is present. These can be marker years where you may have increased chances to overcome difficulties or seize opportunities.

There is no guarantee you will win the lottery by focusing on your power number (hey, it's just one number!), but it certainly would improve your chances of success.

Combining numerology and psychic readings

Here at 7th Sense Psychics we have  readers with a wide range of skill sets. Many of our psychics combine numerology and psychic readings to enhance the quality of their service. 

For example, Tarot cards also use numbers from 1 to 9, so readers can combine numerology with the meaning of the card to give you maximum insight, clarification and guidance.

You can find readers with numerology skills by using the filtering panel on the left side of our psychics page.