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Osho Tarot Cards - For The Here and Now

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Osho Tarot Cards - For The Here and Now

Explore the world of Osho Zen tarot and how it can have a positive effect on your life, by keeping it simple in how you look at things on a day-to-day basis.

Osho Indian Spiritual Teacher

A short time ago I attended a 5-day psychology course with a friend. This intensive seminar was partially based on Osho teachings. Osho is an Indian spiritual teacher. I find his work inspiring. On the surface his ideas may seem rather simple - yet for me, they are also captivating. They remind me about what truly matters in life. 

Powerful points which you may find useful

The course set out the simple yet powerful points which lie at the core of his teachings. If I were to try to summarize his philosophy, it is that all of life’s answers can be found WITHIN us. I firmly believe that with the help of such powerful thinking, we all have the ability to overcome any challenge life throws at us. The trick is understanding how to discover and harness this innate ability.

My thoughts on Osho

I really like Osho’s thinking. I find it a comfort to accept and believe it is possible that all of us can - indeed must - firstly find truth and clarity WITHIN our souls and hearts. By doing so we come to realize that we are not subject to the randomness of outside events, but rather we are the creators of our own destiny.

Answers when we need them

I know from personal experience that it is when life is most uncertain that we have most need of answers. We seek to know as best we can the possible outcomes and implications of our decisions. The Tarot World helps us to find answers. It is a wonderfully valuable resource. The Osho Tarot takes a somewhat different approach. 

Osho tarot cards

Following up the fascinating ideas that were presented in the psychology course, I discovered Osho Zen Tarot. Unlike traditional tarot card readings, the focus is not on the past and future, but on the “HERE and NOW” ... to find answers that are already within us. The cards emphasize what a powerful thing it is to exist in the present moment and to make the NOW your point of pivotal strength.

Osho’s relationship with tarot

To come to understand Osho Zen Tarot better it helps to consider it in relation to a traditional tarot deck and to understand how it is both  similar and yet different to the traditional deck. The first difference is that there are 79 cards instead of 78. In Osho there is one additional Major Arcana card - this card portrays conditions and states of mind. The suits of Osho are Fire, Water, Clouds and Rainbows instead of Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, mas in a traditional tarot deck.

It is, however, the parallels and similarities with the Major Arcana that is most striking and interesting. This becomes obvious as we delve deeper:

The Major Arcana Cards

Fool: Fool
Magician: Existence
High Priestess: Inner Voice
Empress: Creativity
Emperor: Rebel
High Priest: No-Thingness
Lovers: Lovers
Chariot: Awareness
Strength: Courage
Hermit: Aloneness
Wheel: Change
Justice: Breakthrough
Hanged Man: New Vision
Death: Transformation
Devil: Conditioning
Tower: Thunderbolt
Star: Silence
Moon: Past Lives
Sun: Innocence
Judgement: Beyond Illusion
World: Completion
The extra Major Arcana Card - The Master Card, the card of enlightenment - is illustrated with a painting of Osho himself. There is a parallel with the court cards too - North is King, East is Knight, South is Queen, and West is Page.

Choose how you wish to use Osho

The Osho deck is amazing, particularly so, for those who appreciate his philosophies and their relationship with Zen Buddhism and who wish to concentrate on healing and spiritual growth. It is fascinating to think how this deck can be combined with a traditional reading, in order to appreciate more clearly the totality of the picture of our lives...The Past, Our Future and that which lies WITHIN now.

A thought to take with you

The  Osho Tarot Zen Deck of cards underlines and helps emphasize the main point in the philosophy of Osho: that we must realize how vital it is to be strongly connected to the HERE and NOW. I love his words:

 “That is the simple secret of happiness. Whatever you are doing, don't let past move your mind; don't let future disturb you. Because the past is no more, and the future is not yet. To live in the memories, to live in the imagination, is to live in the non-existential. And when you are living in the non-existential, you are missing that which is existential. Naturally you will be miserable, because you will miss your whole life.”