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Pisces Tarotscope 2016

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Pisces Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Queen of Wands shows those under the Pisces sign, that the spring is full of new beginnings and ideas. This card represents Mother Nature and her ability to repair everything and move things forward. Just as she takes the baron ground and allows the seed to take root, she can also present you with opportunities that you once thought had passed you by. The months from January to April should be productive ones. You must remain aware that opportunities are there because they can easily slip bye again. When opportunity knocks it rarely sticks around waiting on us, we need to be waiting for it. A helping hand can come from a most unexpected source, and it’s important we don’t forget who it was helped us when we were in need. The day will come that you will get the opportunity to repay what they did. This is the way the world works, and if adhered too it ensures that nobody goes unaided in their hour of need. We humans however have a tendency to forget small favours, but without them would not have been able to reach high goals. As the year is just beginning, it important that you get it off to a good start and the queen of wands offers you the inspiration and the energy to do just that.

May to August, The Four of Wands shows that in the summer months there appears to be an air of support around you with regards to ideas you may have been toying with. These ideas are the food for wonderful things to grow. Don’t be afraid to share them, but caution is warranted. Don’t give all the details away too easily. Someone posing as a new found friend may be only too happy to claim those ideas as their own. Play these cards close to your chest and keep it on a need to know basis. Your old friends are normally the most reliable when advice is needed, and they will be only too happy to lend a hand with any project you have running. Overall it’s a productive summer and keeps you busy. Don’t compromise on your ambitions; this is a time to reach for the stars. Why put limits on what you can dream about? Why live your life by someone else’s rules and borders? As long as you are not harming anyone, the world is your oyster as the old saying goes, and within some Oyster shells are valuable pearls. We only have so many summers on our lives, and it’s important that we use these warmer longer days to cover ground that the rest of the year denied us. There is nothing to be gained by taking the lazy route this year

September to December, The Hanged man covers the months from September to December. This is a card of sacrifice for the good of something you really want. Use the winter to find direction in your life, and allow yourself the freedom to move in any direction you see fit that will benefit your future. The hanged man is about removing obstacles from your path, even if they are appealing ones. Perhaps you can use this time to indulge in a healthier lifestyle for those of you not already watching your intake. It could simply mean changing your daily routine to allow for something new to happen in your life. Whatever it is you want to succeed in, you have to first allow room for it to enter our life. If your world is full of clutter from old habits, then this is not going to happen. Clear some space, but only drop what’s not useful. It’s also a good time to venture out of your normal social scene for those of you who are single. If you make a habit of staying in the same place all the time, you will only meet the same people, and that can’t be very productive if you are trying to change your status to in a relationship. Be a little braver this winter and spread your wings.

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