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Psychic chat or talk to the cat?

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Psychic chat or talk to the cat?

Do you ever find yourself talking to your pet? You're not alone and, in fact, scientists are working on devices to make it easier to communicate with animals. One day, we may all be Dr. Dolittles.

Why talk to the animals?

We live in a world that has created artificial structures for communication - emails, social media chats, text messages, etc. Amid all this media, it's understandable that we turn to our pets for spontaneous chats about anything - including personal problems that we can talk to no-one else about. 

Family and friends are great, but although these special people may regularly interact with you, they do not share a life with you in the same way a soulmate would. Or a pet. They will always be at a certain distance when compared to a true life companion.

Little wonder you might have a passing chat to your pet - it may not understand, but it also does not judge. And all it asks for in return is a can of tinned meat. 

Can your cat help?

Let's talk about cats, for a moment, because they have a really bad reputation. The cliched image of a cat and an aging single person - especially a woman - has now attained a level of fearfulness that could rival anything a 3-D visceral horror movie could throw at you.

However, many medical professionals suggest that it's always better to give voice to your problems than to repress them. If that means mentioning them to a cat (or any other animal) well then so be it.  This habit has accepted mental health benefits.

The cat will happily sit on your lap as you spill your guts, asking for no more than the odd stroke or tickle. (Dogs are not nearly as easy to handle, weigh an awful lot more,and have a habit of exuding rather unpleasant odors.)

A pet listens - a psychic advises

If the pet can help perk up your spirits, then good for you. However, what your furry companion cannot do is motivate you to take action to change the things that may be holding you back in life. It provides a listening ear, but not a guiding voice.

That's why a chat with a psychic can be so beneficial. Talking to a reader offers the same confidentiality and freedom as airing your thoughts to your pet. But a psychic chat brings great insights and guidance that you would not get from any other creature in your life - be it two-legged or four legged.

Cuddly and cute as it might be, a cat is unlikely to set you on the right course in life when it comes to dealing with your preoccupations: your emotional well-being, your relationships and your work. 

A psychic chat is not a rival to your cat

A psychic comes with the gift of insight. He or she can, through divine guidance, tell you things that no-on else could - or possibly would. That's invaluable. 

However, in advocating a psychic chat about things that are on your mind, we do not wish to demean the depth of any relationship with a feline or canine friend. We're merely pointing out its limitations.

We know a psychic can never provide the spontaneous joy you get when you arrive home to be greeted by a dog wagging its tail or a cat rubbing against your leg. 

That too is invaluable. 

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