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Psychic Scams And Fake Psychics

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Psychic Scams And Fake Psychics

Over the years we have all heard about people who have been conned out of money, from almost every walk of life.  As you may have read in recent news reports, fake psychics have been busy too. 

These charlatans parade themselves as being genuinely gifted psychics - in the process besmirching the rest of us who truly believe in and use Spirit, for guidance. 

This is abhorrent. It is despicable to think that anyone would see fit to swindle someone who is vulnerable. The only solace for genuine psychic practitioners is that we believe in Karma: what goes around will come around. 

Below is a list of infamous fakes who have carried out psychic scams. They would be on my list of those I hope Karma will catch up with - sooner rather than later.

(1) Francisca Zetina Chavez

This woman had no moral code as her claim to fame is in connection to tampering with the dead. She is said to have tried to frame a congressman by leading police to a skeleton buried on his land, claiming that she had been instructed by the spirit of this tortured soul that they had been killed by the congressman. As it turned out, she had dug up one of her own relatives and buried his remains in land that belonged to the congressman. Read more...

(2) Anna Marie Adams

There is a special type of crook who deserves the hate of anyone with a heart, and they are the ones who prey on the elderly. This fake psychic swindled over $220,000 from an elderly Florida lady. If that wasn't evil enough, Adams then went on to buy herself a top-of-the-range automobile using the poor unfortunate lady's details to purchase it. I'm sure there is a special place in hell reserved for Anna Marie Adams and her like. Read more...

(3) April Lee

Love potions. They have been around since medieval times and some people still believe in them. But the modern person - and the modern genuine psychic - will understand, that if you are supposed to be together, then you will be together. Sometimes you might need a little guidance on how to get there, but most certainly it will not be through a love potion!  It's a pity Bryan James didn't call  7th Sense instead of reaching out to April Lee. This conwoman charged the poor man more and more for her services and his bill by 2013 had reached a whopping $1 million dollars. Read more...

(4) Peaches Stevens

The name sounds sweet and friendly, but when poor Priti Mahalanobis fell victim to this fake psychic, her bank account was drained to the value of over $136,000. Stevens used the age old threat of "there is a curse on you!". But in Mahalanobis' case, knowing this poor woman loved her family, she said the curse was on them all, and it was up to Priti to help. The victim finally saw the light and was, eventually, able to recover her money. Read more...

(5) Nancy Marks

Nancy - just like Peaches - traded on telling people they were cursed. She knew that this would scare them into handing over their cash, for her to lift the curse that plagued their lives. In the process, she was lifting the curse of poverty from her own bank account and handing the curse of poverty to her clients. Believe me when a psychic says that you are cursed - get away form them immediately because if you stay, your bank account will feel the pain. Read more...

(6) Volga Adams

Well you have to hand it to Volga Adams, she certainly had a unique routine. When approached by vulnerable wealthy widow Frances Friedman, she instructed Frances to bring her an egg from her home. Frances obliged, and Volga took the egg in  her palm and cleverly switched it with one she had prepared earlier. She then cracked the egg opened revealing a devil's head inside the egg. Well you can only imagine how poor Frances must have felt. This was followed by the well-worn tale of  a curse. In order to lift the curse, Volga would need money - a lot of money: $108,273 to start and more to follow. Finally the police caught up with her. I hope she gets her just reward as karma is not very forgiving. Read more...

(7) Betty Vlado

She sold stones. Not precious stones, not magic stones, just ordinary ones. Of course she claims that they fell from the sky as meteors and therefore had the power to heal her client's auras and cleanse their souls. Well one of them must have hit her on the head if she thought she was going to get away with this one. At least when she was caught, she did promise to pay the money back to those who she had swindled. Read more...

(8) Priscilla Delmaro

Priscilla thought all her dreams had come through when a broken-hearted Brooklyn man walked into her psychic shop. He had been having a long distance affair, and his lover had cooled off on him. Priscilla immediately saw gold and proceeded to persuade the poor man to buy jewelry. lots of  jewelry, telling him the gold would build a golden bridge to his lover's heart. Unfortunately the poor lady in question passed away unexpectedly without Delmaro realizing. But by then she had banked a whopping $700,000 - and the rest. Read more...

(9) Rachel Lee

Lee certainly had her sights set high on the financial ladder, but had no psychic abilities or room for compassion. She convinced a tree farmer from Oregon to part with property worth $12 million. This may have taken over a decade, but her plan worked. She made her own daughter pose as an English girl who needed to marry to get a Green Card to allow her to stay in America. The lonely farmer obliged and they later convinced him his new wife had given birth to his child: Giorgio Armani. It was through this scam, she got him to sign over the property as part of the non-existent child's inheritance. Thankfully, her clever plan failed to work out. Read more...

(10) Miss Cleo

This is one which gets under the skin of all genuine psychics. This lady advertised in low-budget magazines with a premium rate number. She got non psychic teens to work on the lines reading a script which had already been prepared and worded to suit any situation. (This is one of the reasons 7th Sense Psychics has a strict interview policy in place for all psychics applying to work on the line.) Miss Cleo was eventually caught for deceptive advertising. Read more...

Some tips on how to avoid fake psychics and psychic scams

(1) Pay only the advertised price - no extras

(2) Allow adequate time between readings to see if things work out the way you expected

(3) A curse has no power over you. If you start believing it does, then you will start to think that it is having an impact. Ignore anyone who claims you are cursed

(4)Your future is not set in stone. You have the ability to change anything, believe in yourself and your own ability.

(5) No reader should be selling you anything that is not advertised in their literature, website or advertisement

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