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Psychic Survival Guide to Xmas

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Psychic Survival Guide to Xmas

The holiday season brings happiness and wonderful memories to most but not all people. For those who find the holidays tough going, can a psychic make the season that bit merrier and easier to endure?  

Below is my Psychic Survival Guide to  Xmas, which I put together based on all the different things I have come up against - not just as a psychic, but as an ordinary human being . 

In a nutshell: the secret of enjoying Xmas is to turn your mind away form inward preoccupations and concentrate on the people  (often in worse circumstances)  and the events happening around you.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens may be alone this time of year. Apart from the coldness of winter, loneliness is one of the biggest things they have to face. You don’t have to intrude on their privacy to make the world of difference to their day. Call in and see how they are. Offer to get some groceries in and make sure they are warm. It takes very little to make a world of difference to their lives. They will have been through many holiday seasons surrounded by loved ones, who may not be around any more. If we are lucky, we too will grow old one day: make it a better world for the old today so that it will be a better world for you tomorrow.


Be grateful for what you have and understand that no matter how much you worry about getting the right gifts for your family members, there are those outside your door who won’t be having a holiday season due to illness, financial pressure or the loss of a loved one. There are many charities across the world working to put this right. You may not be able to go out and do anything yourself, but perhaps a small financial donation will make the world of difference to someone this holiday season. 


Remember that holiday time is also a period of reflection. Think of all those who made this season a happy time for you in the past. If you are lucky, they will still be alive, healthy and celebrating with you. So take the opportunity to let them know how grateful you are for the memories. Remind the next generation about the true value of this time of year; share a feeling of peace and harmony, and remember this is one of the few occasions in the year when you get to show them how you really feel.


Visit family and friends or have them visit you, by extending invites to come your home. If you have fallen out with certain people during the last year, this is a time for building bridges. A visit or even a call from you could be the best present you can give. Rows and arguments can usher in  depression and cloud enjoyment during the holiday season. Clouds are good for delivering snow at Xmas (no rain please!) but not for anything else. 


I may be repeating myself, but this is really important: invite someone to your table. Some people feel that because you are surrounded by family and friends, they will be intruding by contacting you during this season. Much as they would like to join the festivities because they are alone, they sit back in the shadows waiting for someone to reach out to them and invite them in. Perhaps their family are overseas or out of town. Perhaps they have lost someone special this year. Perhaps they are simply alone and could do with the company. In the spirit of the season, open your door and your heart.


Value the moment. This holiday season will soon pass. When you reflect on it in the future, you will remember the faces, the food, the music, perhaps even the weather. But it will all only be a distant memory. For now you have the moment, and most important, you have the people around you. It is your chance to show them what they mean to you. The season is yours for the making. Imagine yourself in years to come reflecting on this time. Make it one of those memories that brings a smile to your face and fills your heart with warmth.


As I said before, each holiday season is unique and you only get one shot at making the most of this Xmas. Yes, there will be others to come, but they won’t be this one. If you want cheer in your holiday, then be the one who causes it. Don’t sit around waiting on someone to walk through the door and make your day. Make their day when they walk through your door. We have every other day of the year to worry about all the difficulties life throws at us. Just once a year as a community - be it family, friends, or neighbors - do we all  get the chance to stop and be grateful that we are alive and well enough to be here.

...but if that doesn't work for you

Just find someone you can talk to about the difficulties and confusions that this season brings to your life.This can be a a family member, a friend or even a psychic (7th psychics will be available all through Xmas and the new year). If airing your worries can help - then air them! Only then can you hope for a truly pleasurable holiday season.

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