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Psychics and crime-solving

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Psychics and crime-solving

You may have recently read that The College Of Policing in the UK has suggested that anyone claiming psychic powers should not be ruled out when investigating a crime.

We’re all aware of countless movies (my favorite is The Dead Zone) where a psychic is given an object or piece of clothing belonging to a murdered or missing person to help uncover what happened. This skill is called “Psychometry”.


It is widely believed by psychics that we leave behind something – a trace of life energy - on everything we touch.

The word “Psychomerty” comes from joining the Greek words for “spirit” (psukhē) and spirit, soul” (metron). This method is commonly used by psychics when the true subject of their search is absent. For example: in missing people cases. 

What a psychic is looking for

As we have covered in previous blogs there are many types of psychic ability. Each psychic will use their own chosen gift to find their way through the information they are picking up on the chosen object. A Clairvoyant will see pictures, a Clairaudient will hear voices and a Clairsentient will get feelings and emotions.

How does a psychic work on an investigation?

Let’s take the clairvoyant in a missing person case as an example. We understand that the person has left their energy on their clothing. So the psychic will hold the garment and mingling his own energy with the missing person’s energy, they will start to pick up pictures of where the person is or has been recently.

How can they read things that happen after the energy was left on the item?

Your residual energy is unique to you. Like a finger print we all have one, there is no other like it in the planet. And although you have left it on the clothing, it remains connected to you. It will remain attached long after you have left. The physic can connect to this with ease.

Psychometry in everyday life

Mothers often instinctively pick up their baby’s blanket or clothing and smell it, to connect with the child, who could be sleeping in another room or perhaps in a hospital.  She feels the child’s energy not simply through the smell, but also the aura. Many people who are suffering grief or loss will hold onto items or clothing which was once used or worn by the deceased as it brings them comfort and a connection. It is at once evocative and physical. 

Can I develop psychometric skills?

Of course you can! It’s already a natural talent that everyone has. The power of touch is very strong and a much underestimated sense. It connects us with people, it tells us who is on the same wavelength as us - and who isn’t - without us even saying a word. We have all had the experience of knowing from a hand shake if someone was genuine or not. 

Now take it one step further. Practice with someone you know. Hold on to something they wear or cherish and see what you pick up. Write it down and check the details with them later. You might be surprised at the abilities you discover within yourself and it could be then start of a whole new career for you!

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