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Psychics and Tarot on Wikipedia

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Psychics and Tarot on Wikipedia

Mankind’s search for information is endless and today we have the gift of Wikipedia at our fingertips. We can use this tool to research anything, but what can a modern information source like Wikipedia tell us about the Ancient Psychic world or Tarot? Or more to the point, what can't it tell us?

Science and Psychics

Scientist have been trying, since the beginning of time, to address psychic knowledge and insights. The problem is that science is measured by man’s ability to learn and understand what is before him, while spirituality is measured by man’s inability to understand and learn what is not before him. This creates an obvious gap, difficult to bridge.

So what can we learn about Psychics and Tarot on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has taken an empirical approach to something that is inherently  “otherworldly”: the soul. But the existence of the soul cannot be dealt with by science, therefore science nor Wikipedia are unable to explain the existence or non-existence of psychic ability convincingly.

A sensible approach to using Wikipedia

When we use Wikipedia, we should have a clear idea what we are seeking. This will allow us weigh up the pros and con of what we discover. To be fair to Wikipedia - being a community-created information site, where anyone can edit articles – it usually tries to maintain balance. However, when it deals with something like Psychics and Tarot, the information does not appear to be written by anyone who has experience in the field. 

Why? Because Wikipedia does not value personal experience, unless it has been highlighted in mainstream media or academic papers. That’s why it requires citations, listed at the bottom of the article.  

At 7th Sense Psychics we don’t need to explain

At 7th Sense Psychics, we don't need to explain something that we believe in. Unlike Wikipedia, we value personal experience that cannot be scientifically explained.

All our psychics have come to us with their own stories, their own life journeys, and through their own unique experiences, developing their own methods of Psychic Tarot readings. What we provide to our users - very successfully, based on what they say about us - is a reading from a genuine psychic who has been tested by other psychics before being allowed to work for 7th Sense.

If you believe that there is a place out there – beyond this physical world – where intuition, spiritual insight and faith in the future exists, then you will find fellowship and direction when you talk our psychics.

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