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Scorpio Tarotscope 2016

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Scorpio Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Nine off Cupsfor Scorpios, shows that there could be some good news in the family circle in the early part of the year in the period of January to April. Perhaps it’s a new addition to the family, or someone finally deciding to take the next step into a marriage. Perhaps someone is finally about to propose a marriage. But for Scorpio, whatever this card means to you on an individual basis, the spring period of 2016 promises to be a happy emotional time for most. The Nine of Cups is always good news and reason to celebrate, as it signifies a happy well balanced emotional period in someone’s life. Be brave with your heart this season as spring is in the air and it only means one thing, that it is the time for moving emotions to a new and exciting level. For those of you trying to increase your family size, this card signifies success and a reason to celebrate. For those of you in a new relationship, perhaps this is the time to start talking about bringing that commitment a little bit closer to reality. This is a strong emotional card and gives good meaning to the expression spring is in the air.

May to August, The Three of Cups indicates the summer months of May to Augustto be a romantic time just like the spring. But this card can also indicate the return of a love interest into the life of someone who once had their heart broken. Learning to trust again is never easy, but it is something we must learn to do if we are to find happiness. Everyone deserves happiness, and it’s not something you have to ask permission for. Remember not to carry the baggage from one relationship into another, and deliver it to someone who does not deserve it. This card can also spell returning friends and a chance to build a bridge over some issue from the past. There is nothing that cannot be put to rest if your heart really desires it. If you can manage to get bye these little issues, then you build a wonderful new path for yourself, and you will find a great deal of support from those around you. Clear anything that is blocking your path. It’s a time for moving forward with success as your goal. Don’t expect things to be handed to you on a plate, but if you put in the effort the reward will be great.

September to December, Two of Swords, as the winter sets in during September to Decemberand things look a little duller all round, there can be a feeling for some Scorpios of being held back or prevented from doing something. This could simply be fear of judgement from others, but you must step forward and confront this. Pull yourself together and be yourself. Clear all blockages and move forward with your plans, and do not allow anyone to rain on your parade through this season. Make the closing of the year spectacular just the way you like it. Time is valuable, so don’t waste it worrying about how your plans will upset someone who has nothing better to do but judge your life. If we finish the year correctly, we should have an amazing start to the New Year. A fresh start is always a good thing when trying to plan for your future. The two of swords shows us that this is not a time for hibernation, but a time for planning. New ideas need not wait for the dawn of the New Year; you can start the ball rolling now and push forward with your plans. Think of January as the platform from which you can launch your plans for 2017.

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