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Take a Psychic Leap to Married Bliss

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Take a Psychic Leap to Married Bliss

Ladies, are you aware that 2016 is a leap year? More importantly, do you realize that this affords you the rare opportunity to propose to that guy who just hasn’t got around to doing the right thing yet! Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by?

The tradition of a woman proposing to man

This idea of a woman proposing to a man dates back to ancient Ireland when legend tells us that two prominent  Irish saints, Patrick and Brigid, came to an agreement, in an attempt to make things a little bit fairer – if only for one day – between the sexes. This is the stuff of legend, of course, and can’t be validated, but it may explain why the Amy Adams film, Leap Year, was set in the Emerald Isle. (Though it does not explain why that film was so awful!)

Other traditions from around the world

In many southern European countries a leap year gets a bad rap – it is believed that it has a negative effect on farming and fertility.

In Greece, people actually avoid getting married in a leap year and certainly never on February 29th. It does not bode well for the future, apparently. A similar tradition exists in Russia and the Ukraine, where buying a house is also a no-no.

Consequences of a man refusing a proposal

In Finland, women can propose only on the 29th of February. However, if the man has the audacity to refuse marriage, then he is required to pay a fine…in the form of fabric for a skirt.

In Denmark, should a woman's proposal be turned down, her beau must buy her gloves for each month of the year. The gloves apparently enable the lady to hide the embarrassment of having no engagement ring.

Weird leap year love customs

Way back in the day, in Scotland Queen Margaret allowed a woman to propose on February 29th, as long as she wore one skirt under another, to warn her love of the impending proposal.

In southern Germany, the normal tradition is that boys put up a May tree in girls' gardens on the night before May Day. However, in a leap year, the reverse happens: the girls’ put up trees in the boys’ gardens.

Ready to take a “psychic leap” and pop the question?

Are you inspired to take this leap in your relationship and propose marriage to your man? Well, perhaps a 7th Sense Psychic could help steel you for this endeavor – even tell you whether it really is the right time to pop the question, or not. 

Browse our specialist love psychics now and get clarity on whether 2016 is right time to propose to your man  - or not. or just wait another four years before you have this opportunity again!

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