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Tarot readings - Democratic nominees

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Tarot readings - Democratic nominees

With the 2016 presidential elections looming, I decided to use my tarot cards to get some psychic insights into those chasing their party’s presidential nomination. Below you’ll find my tarot analysis of the declared Democratic candidates. For a reading of the Republican nominees, click here.

How I assessed the candidates

The process is simple. I draw three cards for each candidate and relay what the cards say about that person. No bad-mouthing now! Let’s just keep it on a positive note and find the best that each candidate has to offer, according to the cards. I will tell you which card I draw and explain its meaning in this particular circumstance. 

Hillary Clinton, born Oct 26 (Scorpio)

1. The Seven of Wands shows that Hilary is set for battle, and she is well able for the fight. She doesn’t like things to be left half-done and her policies will reflect this, should she achieve the Presidential Seal.

2. The Nine of Pentacles shows that she will have good economic structure in her time in office. She brings to the office a certain level-headedness approach to financial dealings. The motto "Rome was not built in a day" could be used as her calling card. She will see what needs doing and get it done, without being side-tracked.

3. The Emperor is just the kind of card you would need if you are running for President. This shows a firm, strong ruler who adds fairness into the mix. The card shows that this woman is not one to be taken lightly. She does what she says she will, but appreciates that this will take time.

Martin O'Malley, born Jan 18 (Capricorn)

1. The Ten of Swords show that things didn’t always go to plan for him, but he has learned to get back up and brush himself off and get on with the job in hand. This has also taught him many lessons in fairness, which he appears to understand better than most.

2. The World card shows that he believes the time is right for him to step up to the challenge and move America into a new age. Learning from the mistakes of the past, be feels he can carve a new and better road ahead. His political career has taught him many lessons, which he feels he can bring to the table and he certainly won’t let this education go to waste. His heart and mind is in the right place.

3. The Seven of Cups shows that his love for his country will be the driving force behind his campaign. He truly feels in his heart of hearts that he can give the American people what they need when they need it. But he is clever enough to know that his heart alone won’t win the race, and he must come up with some good policies to swing the vote. As a Capricorn he has some exciting new ideas to bring to the table.

Bernie Sanders, born Sept 8 (Virgo)

1. Bernie as a Virgo doesn’t like to take no for an answer and likes things to be completed once started. He opens with the Page of Cups, which shows a time for new beginnings. You could say that he will have a unique way of doing things and seems to focus on long-term solutions rather than the quick fixes that others might settle for.

2. The Ace of Pentacles is a good omen for his policy on economic equality as it indicates someone who believes in equality in many areas of life but primarily financial. He appears to focus on the common man, the worker and feels (according to the cards) that everyone should have the right to a decent pay for a decent day's work. 

3. The Five of Wands shows someone who is willing to take on the fight. There is no backing down once the journey has begun and this is a trait that would follow him while in office. He is well aware of the mistakes of previous governments and is willing to bring something new and refreshing to the table if the American people give him the chance. Virgos are generally fair people so his heart and head are in the right place.

That completes my tarot reading of the Democratic candidates for President. But always remember that, whoever succeeds as a nominee, it’s YOUR choice and YOUR intuition that will guide you to the right person when it comes to President. You the voter hold the power and you alone decide who leads America into the future!

Tarot readings - Republican nominees

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