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Tarot readings - Republican nominees

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Tarot readings - Republican nominees

With the 2016 presidential elections looming, I decided to use my tarot cards to get some psychic insights into those chasing their party’s presidential nomination. Below you’ll find my tarot readings of the declared Republican candidates. For a reading of the Democratic nominees, click here.

How I assessed the candidates

The process is simple. I draw three cards for each candidate and relay what the cards say about that person. No bad-mouthing now! Let’s just keep it on a positive note and find the best that each candidate has to offer, according to the cards. I will tell you which card I draw and explain its meaning in this particular circumstance. 


Donald Trump, born June 14 (Gemini)

1. The Wheel of Fortune is spinning for Donald Trump. The wheel indicates a time of great change. Donald is primed and ready for battle. Change that would normally confuse others can work in favor of Geminis as they are the twins and can switch from one thought pattern to another, with ease.

2. The Three of Pentacles shows that he is gaining a lot of support for his journey to The White House. Whatever he is saying is falling on the right ears and whatever he is doing is being seen by the right people. Like him or not, he has a lot of people on his side because in his heart of hearts he has the good of the country as his priority. He also has the know-how to handle the country’s finances.

3. The Six of Cups shows that the true nature of Donald Trump has yet to be revealed. He could turn out to be a very well-loved president, if given the chance. But at the moment he is concentrating on the battle in hand and reaching for the summit. Watch this space as there is a lot of potential for Donald Trump to make it to The White House.

Ted Cruz, born Dec 22 (Capricorn)

1. Drawing the Ace of Swords for a Capricorn reveals that this is one person who is ready for battle. Ted feels he has some good things to bring to the table if he makes it to The White House. Capricorns like fresh ideas but, in some cases, they take existing ideas, dust them down and feed new energy into them. It certainly won’t be boring with Ted Cruz sitting in the presidential seat!

2. Another sword card! The Six of Swords shows someone who won’t take “no” for an answer. Like most other candidates, this one is under no illusion that winning is a walk in the park, but he is up for the fight, if it means championing his policies. He won’t be a pushover as he can see his vision and where and how he wants things to be.

3. The King of Pentacles represents the bank and financial dealings, but it represents them favorably.  This is a good card to draw if you need your bank balance to stay balanced - or even improve. The King of Pentacles indicates some strong ideas will come from Ted’s camp. 

Jeb Bush, born Feb 11 (Aquarius)

1.  The Bush political pedigree casts a long shadow but being an Aquarius Jeb will bring many fresh ideas to The White House. The Ace of Pentacles shows him reaching out to the average person on a financial level, with the promise of better days to come. He is only too well aware of the failings of previous governments and is willing to try new approaches to turn things around.

2. Jeb can all too easily be confused with his brother in his campaign but the Two of Swords card shows a different side to this Bush. Jeb and George are not birds of a feather. I feel Jeb will be eager to make his own mark on this world, set apart from other family members who achieved high office. A different time calls for a different plan. 

3. The Sun card shows a time for a new beginning. It always signifies a good time for change. With his birth sign being Aquarius and The Sun card appearing it shows the possibility of some fresh ideas to deal with long-standing problems. The card indicates that Jeb will be a very strong contender - watch this man perform in the polls!

Ben Carson, born Sept 18 (Virgo)

1. It seems quiet fitting that being a Virgo he first chose medicine as a career and later turned to politics. The Six of Wands shows Ben Carson has goals that he feels will do great things for those in need. The struggle in his past will paint his future, as he proves to those who said it could not be done that yes it can. His policies may prompt controversy among some, but he speaks from the heart what he believes is the truth.

2. The Seven of Swords shows that he knows he may not be popular with some people. He is willing to put his money where his mouth is and be seen as man of his word. He shows the commitment to put the hours in and work towards whatever goals he feels his country needs. There appears to be a part of him which feels the old establishment was lacking in something. He feels he can fill the gap.

3. The Four of Pentacles shows that when it comes to balancing the finances of the country, this could be the man for the job. He would appear to understand that a better balance is needed as Four is the number of balance. Again, his policies around this may raise a few eyebrows.

Chris Christie, born Sept 6  (Virgo)

1. As a Virgo, Chris Christie works with his heart always in the right place. The Nine of Wands shows that he is not afraid of stormy waters and feels well able for any battle placed before him. If he feels something must be done, then he won’t rest until it is done. He has a dream which he feels he needs to fulfill. Now is the time he feels destiny is calling him to this post.

2. The Hermit card reveals an ability to go it alone. Chris is not afraid to take the solitary path if that’s what it takes to get things done. It’s not the first time he has had to speak his mind even if it has made him unpopular in some people’s eyes - but if this means he gets the desired result then it is well worth it.

3. The Page of Cups shows that Chris has a vision for a new beginning. The Page is planting the seeds for a better tomorrow. This card suggests that he is like an investor: he knows that nothing can be achieved overnight, but is willing to put the time and energy into developing and growing his policies. There will be new challenges along the way, but with the right program in place he feels success is guaranteed.

Carly Fiorina, born Sept 6 (Virgo)

1. Lots of Virgos in the Republican Party, and the Nine of Swords coming up for Carly says that this Virgo has had to put up with more than some of her fellow candidates to get where she is. However this has only added to her experience and her qualifications for the post. She has learned to focus on the job in hand and not be distracted by unimportant things that would only serve to superficially glamorize her campaign.

2. The Seven of Swords shows that she has the ability to think with the heart, and her love for her people is paramount in what she is setting out to do. Her approach seems to be selfless and more for the higher good of the people. Some may see this as a fault but to others it will be the making of her, Whenever the balance lies between right and wrong, her instincts will guide her well.

3. The Five of Swords shows that Carly is well able to fight her battles. She is not afraid of hard work and can stand up to criticism. Whatever her critics think of her, they have to admit she is no pushover. She has made mistakes in the past, but we must learn to fall before we can walk, and Carly is not one to be cast aside easily.

Jim Gilmore, born Oct 6 (Libra)

1. The opening card for Jim is the Four of Pentacles, and this makes perfect sense for a Libran, represented by the weighing scales. Four means balance and, in this case, it points towards the country’s finances and the banking community, which appear to be a priority with him. Where most Librans would be prone being a bit fickle, Jim’s military background has taught him to value discipline.

2. The Four of Cups represents the friendly communicator. It is communication with your allies and Jim is also strong here too. His grasp of foreign languages, particularly German, opens the path for constructive discussions with America’s friends and allies across the world. Language skills is s small but very strong gift to possess in a world where communication is the key to success.

3. The Ace of Cups almost speaks for itself. Jim’s loyalty and love for his country is not in doubt, as the ace is the primary card in the emotional house. Libras are emotional and this spurs him to action, with the welfare and dreams of his country as a primary goal. His service to his country through his military life has proved this already. 

Mike Huckabee, born Aug 24 (Virgo)

1. Another Virgo among the Republican nominees. The Tower card signifies big changes to come with this candidate. The Tower means taking some structures apart and rebuilding them to make them work better. This will take time and might ruffle a few feathers, but I don’t feel it will hinder him in his goals.

2. The Hanged Man shows that sacrifice will be needed - not just from Mike but from all around, in order to get the boat sailing in the right direction. He is very driven and believes that there is much to be done and is well aware that this will take time. This could be the pattern that defines him. He certainly has the Virgo drive to be spurred on.

3. The Six of Swords shows a willingness to approach subjects that others have skimmed over. This could be his winning card if he plays it right. He is sailing rough seas trying to reach calmer waters ahead. He likes to get things done and won’t take shortcuts as, somewhere along the way, things are usually left undone. This has to be an organized, targeted and polished campaign for Mike.

Bobby Jindal, born June 10 (Gemini)

1. Geminis are often accused of being either indecisive or having the gift of seeing things from many angles; but there’s no way Bobby Jindal would have made it in politics if he had been indecisive. In combination with the first card drawn - The Devil – his multi-angle viewpoint suggests that he has the ability to break from the norm. This could mean interesting changes in The White House as the cards say Bobby has quite a creative streak. 

2. The Nine of Wands is always a good card for a politician to draw, as it shows a ship up against the rocks. But if you examine the card closely, you will notice the ship is about to be swept over a barrier into calmer waters on the other side. In political terms, this reveals an ability to ride out the storm and overcome what others would deem impossible odds. 

3. The Three of Swords shows that this is a time to break from the norms of the past. The past cannot be fixed but it can carry some very valuable information upon which we can build. Bobby Jindal as a Gemini could achieve great things through his understanding of this.

John Kasich, born May 13th (Aries)

1. The Nine of Ones card indicates that life hasn’t always dealt John a good hand. The most important lesson he has learned is that pushing forward - regardless of the obstacles - is the only way to achieve desired results. That’s a good outlook to have as a potential President. He can take difficult things and make them work and is not afraid to take the sacrifice that goes with it.

2. The Seven of Swords shows that John believes there is a lot of work to be done, which will require unbroken dedication to the task. This is a card for someone who is not afraid to take on the stuff that others shy away from. Aries can sometimes be dreamers - but dreamers with drive. They have the potential to make great things happen when they are given the freedom to do so.

3. The King of Cups is the card of the heart. This symbolizes the leader who leads with the heart and mind. With great potential to do exactly what he promises. Whatever he would bring to the table would be done with the best of intentions. He has dreams which he can manifest into reality if he is given the chance.

George Pataki, born June 24 (Cancer)

1. George Pataki deals a strange hand. The Three of Wands shows some bright new ideas coming from him. Some of these ideas may not entirely be his own, but it’s what he does with them and how he implements them that will make the difference. If there is one thing the card indicates for this Cancerian, it’s the energy he has for the job.

2. Eight of Wands shows that he is capable of steering the country on - and guiding it through - rough waters. He is not foolish enough to believe that he can sort all the problems overnight but is well able to complete the journey. 

3. The Six of Swords shows that he may feel he has a few battles to fight to get all the things he dreams done, but he can only do this if he is in the right place. The journey will not be an easy one and he knows that. But has a stubborn streak, which if he plays it well, could work in his favor. 

Rand Paul, born Jan 7 (Capricorn)

1. Being a Capricorn, it's no surprise that Rand Paul is putting himself up for the challenge of becoming Republican nominee for President. The Nine of Pentacles addresses budgeting and banking and it would appear that this is where this candidate’s strength lies. He has some fresh new ideas mixed with a few old ones which could be the recipe for success that the American people need.

2. The Two of Pentacles shows once again that finance is one of his strong points. Hard work is not something he shies away from. Through hard work he appears to have a knack for getting things to balance out just nicely. Although the cards favor his financial skills, his experience in the medical field will also lead to some great changes. 

3. The Death card is not what it says: it means the dawning of a new day. Rand Paul has the ability to change quite a bit in his term in office - if he is only given the chance. Watch this space: this man has many hidden talents, which he will only reveal when the time is right. 

Rick Perry, born March 4 (Pisces)

1. Rick brings Pisces’ passion to the presidential race. The Seven of Wands puts him in the driving seat because, when it comes to experience, Rick has it in abundance. He also treads the same path as George W. Bush, having previously been the governor of Texas. For those who liked George W. when he was in office, Rick might just be the man for them.

2. The Five of Swords shows that Rick is well aware that this will not be a walk in the park, but he is well used to conflict and can take on any fight that comes his way. You can’t beat experience in these things and Rick wants the chance to prove this to the voters. It looks like this man will not disappoint when it comes to delivering what he promises.

3. The Eight of Pentacles shows he has a talent for sorting finances and balancing the books, skills he developed while in office as Governor of Texas. Nobody likes talking tax, but you’ll be pleased to hear that Rick is not in favor of tax hikes.

Marco Rubio, born May 28 (Gemini)

1. The Queen of Wands falling for a Gemini indicates that this candidate speaks and acts with emotion and passion. He is young and energetic and this should appeal to the general voters who feel that the position of President should have young blood and new ideas.

2. The Nine of Wands shows that he has had to overcome many obstacles on his journey to where he is today and, rather than hinder him, his experiences have helped him understand the struggle of the working class person. He has dreams that could move America into a new and very different future. He is prepared for the battle ahead and does not underestimate the amount of energy which is required to get where he needs to be.

3. The Six of Swords, which is a recurring card for those in the race for The White House, here reveals a man of vision who has the ability to look far ahead with any policies he oversees. He has a dream in his heart and a particular vison of America. He is willing to go into battle to achieve this dream. He appears to have a fresh young approach to things which could work in his favor.

Rick Santorum, born May 10 (Taurus)

1. The Hierophant is the card of education and Rick has that in abundance. Taureans are symbolized by the bull and often rush into something, without thinking. This candidate has put his foot in it in the past with some of his comments. However, Taureans learn by their mistakes, which gives Rick the upper hand in politics. 

2. The Hermit seems to indicate that he is quite an independent thinker – again, another trait of the Taurus bull. They make great leaders, but they don’t settle for anyone who tries to muscle in on their patch. So anyone thinking of knocking him off his pedestal will have their work cut out for them. He is not someone to be messed with, a trait that would serve him well in The White House.

3. The Three of Cups shows that great things could come from his presidency, as he appears to be a man with a good heart with the best intentions for his country. His committment to what he set out to do in the beginning will not falter if he wins the election. The Three of Cups indicates someone who has the potential to gather more followers between now and the election.

That completes my tarot reading of the current Republican candidates for President. But always remember that, whoever succeeds as a nominee, it’s YOUR choice and YOUR intuition that will guide you to the right person when it comes to President. You the voter hold the power and you alone decide who leads America into the future!

Tarot  Readings of Democratic nominees

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