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Taurus Tarotscope 2016

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Taurus Tarotscope 2016

January to April, The Four of Swords for Taurus for the month of January to April, reminds us that as we all enter the New Year full of promises of things we will do from the beginning of the year, and within the first few weeks’ reality kicks in. Some of us can take this as a barrier, and others can take this as a time to contemplate on the months to come, and how best to work them. The way you handle the early part of the year will dictate the outcomes of the remainder. Change comes slowly. Take a deep breath and plan with a clear mind. Dismiss anything that is clouding your judgement, and remain focused. Plans are best made at this time of year, because you own the months ahead. They have not happened yet, and how they turn out is still in your control. Allow yourself to reach for the stars with your heart and mind, because believing you can do something, is more than half the battle. Take that inner strength that Taurus is famous for, and use it to push forward with whatever dreams and plans you want to put in place for the year. A little change every month will work wonders for the year ahead.

May to August, The Seven of Wands  shows the summer months of May to August as busy ones full of energy. This is your time to shine, as you embark on a journey of battling your way to the top. It appears there are others around you also playing for the top seat, but don’t let that put you off, you have never been a quitter, so don’t start now. Imagination plays a key role for where you are fighting to be, and it will help you win. Old comrades are always a dependable source when it comes to finding roads down which you wish to travel. Using their experiences will be an invaluable source of information which will help give you direction. This is not a time to make mistakes, because you are now on the right path. Caution and confidence are strange companions, but when used wisely they are a winning combination. Taurus has the bull as its symbol for a reason, because the bull is a proud strong animal. Remember this part of your nature while you move forward, and make this a summer to remember.

September to December, The Page of Cups indicates this is a time for planting new dreams for the future. September to December is a great time to be setting new plans into place.  You know they will grow to provide you with just what you need for your future. Some people sleep mentally through the year, but the Taurus bull does not hibernate. This is a bright new beginning that can be seen or felt at the end of a year. With a little work and a lot of hope, the results should be visible by early spring in 2017. Dreams are built on hope, hard work and determination, and this combination is ideal fertilizer for the fruit of success. Don’t allow yourself to be disillusioned by small setbacks. You are far too well tuned in to the ways of the world, not to realise they are simply a fact of life. Allowing setbacks to control the desired outcome would be a mistake at this time. The attitude you need to maintain is to brush yourself down and keep going. Lessons will be learned on this journey which will be invaluable. These lessons are the stepping stones of success.

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