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The Force Awakens Plot Predictions

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The Force Awakens Plot Predictions

Everyone is asking questions since the new trailers for Star Wars:The Force Awakens appeared. Who is Kylo Ren? Why doesn’t Luke Skywalker appear in either trailer? Who is the main protagonist in the film? It’s all very unclear and somewhat confusing. 

Our psychic survey

At 7th Sense, our psychics strive to bring clarity to all situations, including love, career and money matters. So why couldn’t the same approach work for the new Star Wars? Who better to try to demystify The Force Awakens and clear up some of the confusion?

To this end, we created a 10-question survey about the new film and asked our 200 psychics to do a 3-card Tarot reading for each question. Nothing too detailed – just yes and no answers - since we didn’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment or ruin some of the surprises in the new film. (Hey, we’re big Star Wars fans too!)

Far from the psychic predictions reducing our interest in this new phase of the franchise, the answers below have only whetted our appetite further.

The Force Awakens/7th Sense Survey 

1. Will the film start with the words “Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…”?

lasers 1

YES – 90%   NO – 10%   

Okay, this was an easy one to begin with, since all 6 previous films had the same beginning. But those were the days when creator George Lucas owned the rights to the films. New owners Disney and director JJ Abrams may want to impose their own mark – or just be controversial. 

2.  Are Han and Leia still a couple?

lasers 2

YES – 33%   NO – 67% 

Indeed, the trailer shows them embracing briefly, but that doesn’t mean anything. We always had our doubts about Han being a stay-at-home hubby. Were we right?

3. Is Kylo Ren related to Darth Vader?

Image title

YES – 20%   NO – 80% 

He’s the obvious “baddie” in the film (hey, he wears black!) and he can use the Force, but if he is related to Vader, is it as son or, more intriguingly, grandson? 

4. Will Luke Skywalker die in The Force Awakens?

Image title

YES – 12%   NO – 88% 

We’re making assumptions here – since, as previously mentioned, he doesn’t appear in either of the two trailers released. However, it’s fitting that the old guard make way for the new…that said, maybe, it’s a different member of the old guard that gets the bullet (or the laser blast)….

5. Will Han Solo die in The Force Awakens?

lasers 5

YES – 70%   NO – 30% 

He has the best lines in the original 3 Star Wars films and he carved out the brightest career afterwards, but maybe that’s the reason why this juggernaut has to go: he’s just too big a presence when matched against the newbies. 

6. Will Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) appear in the new film, other than being represented by a burnt-out helmet (as seen in trailer)?

lasers 6

YES – 66%   NO – 34%

There are a number of ways Darth Vader could appear in this film – perhaps in flashback, or perhaps he has been cloned, like the Stormtroopers. The real question is: will he be good Vader or bad Vader?

7. Will there be a new Emperor in the film?

lasers 7

YES – 68%   NO – 32% 

Well, somebody has to rule the roost, don’t they? The last Emperor was dispatched by Vader, so who now has assumed the role? Could Kylo Ren be a Warrior-Emperor? 

8. Will a new Death Star feature in the new film?

lasers 8

YES – 85%   NO – 22% 

It played a big role in the original trilogy, being the Empire’s primary weapon of mass destruction, so a souped-up version of the same appearing in the new film should not be ruled out. 

9. Will the film be more successful than the most successful film of all time, Avatar?

lasers 9

YES – 93%   NO – 7% 

It could be, it should be…but it may not be. The last 3 films left a bad taste in many a film-goers mouth and they may not be so forgiving if this new version is hammered by the critics. Undoubtedly, it will do good box-office, but exactly how good remains to be seen.

10. Will Star Wars' creator George Lucas make a cameo appearance in The Force Awakens?

lasers 10

YES – 58%   NO – 42%

This is a bit of a curved ball, but the tradition of stars of an original film appearing in a reboot is well-established, so don’t rule it out. Ture, George Lucas may not have been in the original Star Wars films, but as their originator, his name is indelibly linked to the series.  His appearance would serve as a clear approval for the new trilogy – or maybe he was just paid a lot to make an appearance.